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Photo of Shabbir Ahmed

Shabbir Ahmed

Dean's Professor and Stewart Faculty Fellow
Groseclose, 442
Photo of Turgay Ayer

Turgay Ayer

George Family Foundation Assistant Professor
Groseclose, 417

Hayriye Ayhan

Groseclose, 329
Photo of John Bartholdi, III

John Bartholdi III

Manhattan Associates/Dabbiere Chair and SCL Research Director
Groseclose, 346
Kelly Bartlett

Kelly Bartlett

Visiting Assistant Professor
Groseclose, 416
Photo of Warren Bell

Warren Bell

Building Coordinator
Groseclose, 117

Carole Bennett

SCL Marketing & Administrative Manager
Groseclose, 228E
Woman with short brown hair

Brandy Blake

Professional and Technical Communication Coordinator
Groseclose, 207 ( in the Academic Office)
Photo of Douglas Bodner

Douglas Bodner

ISyE Part-Time Lecturer and Tennenbaum Institute Principal Research Engineer

Joanie Brand

Financial Administrator
ISyE Main, 215
William Brenneman

William Brenneman

ISyE Adjunct Professor
Tim Brown

Timothy Brown

Managing Director for SCL
Groseclose, 228F
Image of Frances Buser

Frances Buser

Academic Advisor
Groseclose, 203A
Image of Karen Cannon

Karen Cannon

Administrative Manager I
ISyE Main, 205

John-Paul Clarke

ISyE Courtesy Appointment and Professor in the School of Aerospace Engineering

Lisa Cox

HR Administrative Manager
ISyE Main, 232

Stephen Cross

ISyE Adjunct Professor and Georgia Tech Executive Vice President for Research
Carnegie Building
Photo of Jiangang Dai

Jiangang Dai

ISyE Adjunct Professor
Photo of Mark Danielson

Mark Danielson

Systems IT Architect Sr.
Groseclose, 302A
Photo of Shijie Deng

Shijie Deng

Associate Professor
Groseclose, 319

Santanu Dey

Fouts Family Associate Professor
Groseclose, 443
Photo of Antonius Dieker

Antonius Dieker

Adjunct Associate Professor

Dimetra Diggs-Butler

Academic Program Coordinator II
Groseclose, 203B

Alan Erera

Associate Chair for Graduate Studies and Coca-Cola Professor
Groseclose, 223C
Photo of Ozlem Ergun

Ozlem Ergun

ISyE Adjunct Associate Professor
Groseclose, 220B

Robert Foley

Groseclose, 428

Amanda Ford

Graduate Programs Manager
Groseclose, 203C

Stacey Gangloff

Academic Advisor
Groseclose, 203
Photo of Nagi Gebraeel

Nagi Gebraeel

Georgia Power Associate Professor
Groseclose, 320
Photo of David Goldberg

David Goldberg

A. Russell Chandler Assistant Professor
Groseclose, 437
Photo of David Goldsman

David Goldsman

Groseclose, 433
Paul M Griffin

Paul Griffin

Virginia C. and Joseph C. Mello Chair and Professor
Groseclose, 342
Photo of Wendy Gunter

Wendy Gunter

Financial Administrator
ISyE Main, 214

Benjamin Haaland

Assistant Professor
Groseclose, 344
Photo of Steven Hackman

Steven Hackman

Associate Professor
Groseclose, 324

Andy Haleblian

SCL Director of Media and Techology
Groseclose, 228B

Peggy Hand

Administrative Professional, Sr.
ISyE Main, 202

Jennifer Harris

Administrative Professional Sr.
Groseclose, 203

Sherry Hill

Financial Administrator
ISyE Main, 217
Image of Professor William Hines

William Hines

Professor Emeritus

Thomas Holmquist

Systems Development Engineer
Groseclose, 302D
Photo of Xiaoming Huo

Xiaoming Huo

Groseclose, 335
Photo of Garry Hutchison

Garry Hutchison

Assistant Director, Financial Operations
ISyE Main, 213
Photo of Scott Jacobson

Scott Jacobson

Application Developer Sr.
Groseclose, 307
Photo of Ronald Johnson

Ronald Johnson

Professor of the Practice
Groseclose, 203D

Pinar Keskinocak

William W. George Chair and ADVANCE Professor
Groseclose, 422
Photo of Seong-Hee Kim

Seong-Hee Kim

Coca-Cola Professor
Groseclose, 434
Photo of Anton Kleywegt

Anton Kleywegt

Associate Professor
Groseclose, 409
Photo of Vladimir Koltchinskii

Vladimir Koltchinskii

ISyE Courtesy Appointment and Professor in the School of Mathematics
Photo of Andrea Laliberte

Andrea Laliberte

Edenfield Executive in Residence and Professor of the Practice
Groseclose, 203E
Photo of Maggie Lamia

Maggie Lamia

Financial Manager
ISyE Main, 212A
George Lan

George Lan

Associate Professor
Groseclose, 445
Photo of Eva Lee

Eva Lee

Groseclose, 425
Photo of May Li

May Li

IT Support Professional
Groseclose, 305

Guillermo Lopez Velarde

Part Time Lecturer
Groseclose, 310
Leon McGinnis

Leon McGinnis

Professor Emeritus
ISyE Main, 115

Candice McLemore

Corporate Relations Manager
Groseclose, 228C

Yajun Mei

Coca-Cola Associate Professor
Groseclose, 343

Elizabeth Millman

Development Assistant
ISyE Main, 203
Benoit Montreuil

Benoit Montreuil

Coca-Cola Material Handling & Distribution Chair and Professor
Groseclose, 315
Photo of Eric Mungai

Eric Mungai

Systems Development Engineer
Groseclose, 302C
Dima Nazzal

Dima Nazzal

Executive Director of Academic Administration and Student Experience
Groseclose, 210
George Nemhauser

George Nemhauser

A. Russell Chandler III Chair and Institute Professor
Groseclose, 412

Arkadi Nemirovski

John Hunter Chair and Professor
Groseclose, 446

Judith Norback

Director of Workplace and Academic Communication
Groseclose, 223B
Chris Paredis

Christiaan Paredis

ISyE Courtesy Appointment and Professor of the School of Mechanical Engineering
MaRC, 256

Kamran Paynabar

Assistant Professor
Groseclose, 436

Sebastian Pokutta

David M. McKenney Family Associate Professor
Groseclose, 333
Photo of Amy Pritchett

Amy Pritchett

ISyE Courtesy Appointment and David S. Lewis Associate Professor of Aerospace Engineering
Knight, 409

Jian Qiu

Visiting Scholar
Photo of Anita Race

Anita Race

IT Asset Coordinator and Administrative Professional
Groseclose, 308

Donald Ratliff

Regents' Professor Emeritus
Groseclose, 345

Matthew Realff

ISyE Courtesy Appointment and Professor of the School of Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering
ES and T, L1228
Photo of Mark Reese

Mark Reese

Senior Facilities Manager
ISyE Main, 208
Edwin Romeijn

Edwin Romeijn

H. Milton and Carolyn J. Stewart School Chair and Professor
ISyE Main, 206
Photo of William Rouse

William Rouse

Professor Emeritus
Photo of Nancy Sandlin

Nancy Sandlin

Director of Development
ISyE Main, 204

Martin Savelsbergh

James C. Edenfield Chair and Professor
Groseclose, 223D
Photo of Nicoleta Serban

Nicoleta Serban

Coca-Cola Associate Professor
Groseclose, 438

Jeff Shamma

ISyE Courtesy Appointment and Professor & Julian T.
TSRB, 455

Gunter Sharp

Professor Emeritus
Groseclose, 405
Photo of Lawrence Sharp

Lawrence Sharp

Director of Information Technology
Groseclose, 302B
Photo of Harry Sharp

Harry Sharp

Program Support Coordinator
ISyE Main, 202B
Photo of Jianjun Shi

Jianjun Shi

Carolyn J. Stewart Chair and Professor
Groseclose, 109A
Photo of Yvonne Smith

Yvonne Smith

Employer Relations Coordinator
Groseclose, 228A

Meghan Smithgall

HHS Marketing and External Affairs
Groseclose, 418

Joel Sokol

Fouts Family Associate Professor
Groseclose, 419
Photo of Mark Spearman

Mark Spearman

ISyE Adjunct Professor
Photo of Stacie Speights

Stacie Speights

Administrative Professional Senior
ISyE Main, 202

Dawn Strickland

Academic Advisor and Instructor
Groseclose, 203F
Photo of Andy Sun

Andy Sun

Assistant Professor
Groseclose, 444
Photo of Julie Swann

Julie Swann

Harold R. and Mary Anne Nash Professor
Groseclose, 411

Valerie Thomas

Anderson Interface Professor of Natural Systems
Groseclose, 415
Photo of Robin Thomas

Robin Thomas

ISyE Courtesy Appointment and Professor of Mathematics and Regents Professor
Skiles, 217B

Gerald Thuesen

Professor Emeritus
Groseclose, 405

Gamze Tokol-Goldsman

ISyE Part-Time Lecturer
Groseclose, 311
Photo of Alejandro Toriello

Alejandro Toriello

Assistant Professor
Groseclose, 427

Craig Tovey

Professor and Stewart Faculty Fellow
Groseclose, 420
Moe Trebuchon

Moe Trebuchon

Edenfield Executive in Residence
Groseclose, 316
Photo of John Vande Vate

John Vande Vate

Professor and Executive Director of EMIL-SCS
Groseclose, 331
Photo of Santosh Vempala

Santosh Vempala

ISyE Courtesy Appointment and Distinguished Professor of the College of Computing
Klaus, 2224A

Brani Vidakovic

Groseclose, 435

Alisha Waller

ISyE Part-Time Lecturer
Groseclose, 426

Ben Wang

Gwaltney Chair in Manufacturing Systems
Groseclose, 371
Photo of Chelsea White

Chelsea White

Schneider National Chair in Transportation and Logistics
Groseclose, 430

Damon Williams

ISyE Part-Time Lecturer
Groseclose, 326

Meka Wimberly

Customer Service Manager
Groseclose, 228A
Photo of Jeff Wu

Jeff Wu

Coca-Cola Chair in Engineering Statistics and Professor
ISyE Main, 235
Photo of Yao Xie

Yao Xie

Assistant Professor
Groseclose, 339
Huan Xu

Huan Xu

Assistant Professor
Groseclose, 337
Photo of Ming Yuan

Ming Yuan

ISyE Adjunct Professor

Chen Zhou

Associate Chair for Undergraduate Studies and Associate Professor
Groseclose, 212
Enlu Zhou

Enlu Zhou

Fouts Family Associate Professor
Groseclose, 327