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It is through the generous and ongoing support of our alumni, industry, and friends that we are able to be leaders in innovative research and drive our strategic plans forward for a bright future. The Stewart School of Industrial and Systems Engineering (ISyE) is at a crucial place in its long and vibrant history. With your support, ISyE can achieve even greater success in its next chapter.

Penny and Bill George

"We feel that the money we've earned should go back, to go toward making the world a better place."


William W. "Bill" George, IE 1964, Honorary Ph.D. 2008 and wife Penny.

Giving Opportunities

Student Support

The key to Georgia Tech's future lies in its students, and the amount of support given to these talented young people can be directly tied to their success—and to the Institute's—in the years to come. The Stewart School of Industrial and Systems Engineering has long served as a beacon to exceptionally bright and highly motivated students. The tradition continues unabated, and the School's commitment to its students has never been more evident.

Undergraduate Scholarships

Endowment funds are sought to enhance the availability of scholarships and to attract the best and brightest undergraduate students who receive enticing offers from competitive schools. The funds may be used for merit-based awards, such as the President's Scholarship and the Honors Program. Or they may support need-based scholarships, including, but not limited to, the Georgia Tech Promise initiative, so that the School remains accessible to every deserving student regardless of personal financial circumstance. Endowed scholarship funds are also essential to enhancing diversity within the student body, for the benefit of the entire Georgia Tech community.

  • Named Scholarship Fund (Full) --- Please inquire
  • Named Scholarship Fund (Partial) --- From $100,000

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Graduate Fellowships

The Institute's mission of distinction in teaching, learning, and research is significantly advanced by its graduate students. They are wellsprings of new ideas, and because they have the time and the freedom to work closely with faculty, they play a crucial role as intellectual bridge-builders. To help the School continue to attract the world's brightest and most promising graduate students, increased fellowship support is essential. The competition, particularly at the Ph.D. level, is intense, and an endowment providing regular fellowship funds will enhance the School's attractiveness to those graduate students who display superior academic achievement and a potential to contribute to the academic and professional communities.

  • Named President's Fellowship (Full) --- from $1.25M endowment or $50K/year current operations
  • Named Dean's Fellowship (MS, Ph.D.) --- from $625K endowment or $25K/year current operations
  • Named Graduate Fellowships (MS, Ph.D.) --- from $150K endowment or $6K/year current operations

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Faculty Support

The cornerstone of a great program is a great faculty. Teacher-scholars are the backbone of the Stewart School of Industrial and Systems Engineering—men and women eminent in their chosen fields, capable of developing new knowledge through research and transmitting knowledge through teaching.

Faculty Chairs

Endowed chairs are the most prestigious honor any educator can earn. Funding for endowed chairs provides the resources to attract and retain preeminent teacher-scholars in specific academic areas. The chairholders draw outstanding students, stimulate innovative research, mentor early and mid-career faculty, and aggressively seek leveraged funding from government and industry sources.

  • Named Faculty Chair --- From $2,000,000

Faculty Professorships

Faculty professorships bridge the gap between the early-career faculty fellowships and professorships and the seniority accorded to endowed chair holders. Endowed faculty professorships enable the School to attract and retain a broad range of faculty who stretch the boundaries of their disciplines, and provide them with the resources to help them take their place among the next generation of faculty leaders.

  • Named Faculty Professorship --- From From $1,000,000

Early Career Professorships and Faculty Fellowships

Endowed awards and professorships given to the most promising faculty at the beginning of their careers provide a major incentive to attract and retain those men and women who will become tomorrow's leading teacher-scholars. Grants are awarded for up to five years, providing support to encourage innovation in teaching and research, thereby nurturing the professional advancement of the named faculty member during the critical pre-tenure years.

  • Named Early Career Professorship --- From $500,000
  • Named Faculty Fellowship --- From $250,000

Non-Endowed Term and Early Career Professorships

Gifts in support of professorships lasting for terms of three to five years or Early Career Professorships provide the level of annual support that would be generated from a permanent endowed Professorship or Early Career Professorship. They carry the donor's name through the term of the Professorship or Early Career Professorship.

  • Named Professorship (Term) --- From $100,000 - $250,000
  • Named Early Career Professorship --- From $75,000 - $175,000

Faculty Development Grants

An endowment to encourage lifelong learning and the rejuvenation of professional skills is enormously important to allow experienced faculty to explore rapidly developing new fields. A professional development grant program allows faculty to be released from their campus responsibilities to engage in activities such as academic leaves in industry or government laboratories. Faculty members return with broadened outlooks and new skills that translate into better educational experiences for students. The grant also may be used to invite faculty from other universities during the release time.

  • Named Endowment Fund (Partial) --- From $100,000

Tech Square Phase 3 – George Tower

Tech Square has the highest density of startups, corporate innovators, and academic researchers in the entire southeastern United States and the next evolution is Tech Square Phase 3, a new space with two connected towers to provide spacious new homes for the H. Milton Stewart School of Industrial and Systems Engineering (ISyE) and for the Ernest Scheller Jr. College of Business's graduate and executive education programs.

The No. 1-ranked Stewart School* will occupy a significant portion George Tower, one of two high-rise towers that comprise Technology Square Phase III. The new space will position ISyE during the Tech Square complex, which — by way of proximity — will increase innovation opportunities for students. The new space will provide not only state-of the-art laboratories, classrooms, and meeting spaces, but also increased integration with the entrepreneurial ecosystem that is Tech Square. Students, faculty, and alumni will benefit from proximity to and interaction with corporate innovation centers, incubators, and accelerators. Students will have increased opportunities to engage with business partners through projects, practicums, and speaker series.

Naming opportunities

Please contact if you are interested in learning more about internal naming opportunities.

Program Enrichment

In order for the Stewart School to remain a global leader in industrial and systems engineering, the administration actively identifies and implements new programs and initiatives to enhance and promote the School's curriculum, research, and outreach activities. Support our goal to develop the best programming so our future leaders and innovators can do big things in this world. Your contribution will help us take our offerings to a level above and beyond other schools. Opportunities to provide program support through endowed or non-endowed gifts include:

Center for Academics, Success & Equity (CASE)

The Center for Academics, Success, and Equity (CASE) is an interdisciplinary academic center within the ISyE department that supports all constituents of ISyE (students, staff, and faculty) through various programs. The programs of CASE are divided among three initiatives: Academics, Success, & Equity. Each initiative is designed and led to ensure the culture and community of ISyE remain academically rigorous and challenging, yet personally and professionally rewarding for all members of ISyE. CASE educates and empowers all students to discover and engage in effective paths for academic and personal thriving through learning strategies, self-management tools, holistic support, and a sense of belonging in the ISYE community. Link to Annual Report – Send this to me

  • Naming opportunities --- From $2,000,000

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MentIEs Program

The MentIE Mentoring Program offers a valuable way for ISyE alumni to invest in current students' future by providing real-world insight and mentorship. Our mentoring program creates a personalized experience to connect mentors with students and incorporates monthly meetings with the option to meet in person or virtually. Being part of the MentIE family provides students the opportunity to make lasting connections/networks that can aid them in their careers and future endeavors.

  • Naming opportunities --- From $500,000

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Senior Design/Capstone Program

Since 1975, fourth-year undergraduates ISyE have completed Senior Design as a semester-long capstone course required for graduation. The course presents an opportunity for students to work on real-world design problems and put their ISyE skills into practice by exploring a client's problem and designing a deliverable solution.

  • Naming opportunities --- From $500,000

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Cornerstone Modeling & Design Program

ISyE developed a new class, Cornerstone Modeling and Design, that enables undergraduates to explore problem-framing prior to their Senior Design experience.

  • Naming opportunities --- From $100,000

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DEI Fellows Program

The goal of the DEI Fellows Program is to support activities by the School that create and sustain a culture of inclusive excellence within ISyE, Georgia Tech, and beyond.  This program supports activities related to workplace diversity, equity, and inclusion; increasing diversity of the ISyE faculty, staff, and student body and, more broadly, the academic community at Georgia Tech and the field of industrial and systems engineering; new collaborations, initiatives, or partnerships aimed at broadening participation.

  • Naming opportunities --- From $500,000

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Mission Possible K-12 Education Program

The Mission Possible STEM Summer Enrichment Program is designed to introduce rising 10th to 12th grade high school students to the fascinating world of industrial engineering. Mission Possible is open to students who excel in math and science, with a focus on recruiting under-represented minority students from schools across the country.

  • Naming opportunities --- From $250,000

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ISyE Student and Faculty Awards Ceremony

  • Naming opportunities --- From $100,000

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Unrestricted Endowment

The Institute encourages college, school, and program-based endowments—both restricted and unrestricted therein—to meet its long-term academic needs. Endowments restricted to the School, but unrestricted in use therein, provide maximum flexibility in meeting pressing needs and seed funding for new initiatives. Recognition of unrestricted endowments within the School may take the form of a named endowment fund or a named facility or feature therein.

  • Named Unrestricted Endowment --- Varies from $100,000

ISyE Partners Program

The mission of the ISyE Partners Program is to connect corporate and industry partners with our most valuable assets: our students. By partnering with ISyE, you will gain access to unique and exclusive recruiting events on-campus and online to connect directly with students in the classroom and through organizations. This partnership will help strengthen your recruiting pipeline, build brand recognition on-campus, and improve your competitive position among other recruiters. Because your gift supports our students, you will help build a strong talent pipeline for many years to come. There are three levels of support:

  • Tier 1 – Gold: $15,000
  • Tier 2 – Silver: $10,000
  • Tier 3 – Bronze: $5,000

Research & Consortiums

The Stewart School of Industrial and Systems Engineering houses institutes, centers, and areas of focused research that bring together experts in industry, government, academia, and nonprofit organizations to advance education and research in critical areas of importance to the field.


Other ways to give


Please make checks payable to the Georgia Tech Foundation, Inc., and mail to:

Georgia Tech Foundation, Inc.
760 Spring Street NW, Suite 400
Atlanta, GA 30308

Please include a short note with your check stating the intended designation of your gift to the H. Milton School of Industrial and Systems Engineering (ISyE) or note the purpose on the memo line of the check. The Georgia Tech Foundation's tax ID is 58-6043294.

Wire Transfer

For gifts by wire transfer please contact Pat Barton, Director of Gift Accounting, at 404.894.5544 or&, to ensure your transfer is received and credited properly.


An electronic transfer of stock to the Georgia Tech Foundation can be made by contacting Pat Barton, Director of Gift Accounting, at 404.894.5544 or, to ensure your transfer received and credited properly.

Deferred Gifts & Estate Planning

Bequests and other planned gifts are some of the greatest sources of funding for Georgia Tech. These gifts stabilize our financial foundation, securing the future of Georgia Tech while perpetuating a legacy of giving. For deferred or estate gifts to the Georgia Tech Foundation directed to ISyE please contact Baylor Bassett, JD, Assistant Vice President of Planned Giving, at, or 404.385.6715 to ensure your gift is processed and credited properly.

Estate Gifts

  • Will or Living Trust Provisions enable you to direct the distribution of your assets at your death.
  • Retirement-Plan Assets are a tax-wise and easy way to make a gift for Georgia Tech's future.
  • Life Insurance also can provide security for Georgia Tech's future.

Life-Income Gifts

  • Charitable Gift Annuity is a great way to support Georgia Tech's future while supplementing your and/or your spouse's retirement income with the assurance of fixed quarterly payments.
  • Charitable Remainder Trust is a popular way of making a significant gift to Georgia Tech while providing income to the donor and/or other beneficiaries through fixed or variable payments

Other Gift Plans

  • Charitable Lead Trusts allows you to provide a stream of gifts to Tech for several years, and then transfer assets to heirs at a reduced tax level.
  • Retained Life Estate means giving your home to Georgia Tech and receiving a charitable deduction now with you and your spouse living there for your lifetimes.

If you have questions or would like to learn more about philanthropic opportunities at Georgia Tech,
please contact ISyE Development.

Connect with ISyE Development Staff

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Director of Development
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