Artificial Intelligence Institute for Advances in Optimization

This NSF Artificial Intelligence (AI) Research Institute for Advances in Optimization (AI4OPT) aims at delivering a paradigm shift in automated decision making at massive scales by fusing AI and Mathematical Optimization (MO), to achieve breakthroughs that neither field can achieve independently. The Institute is driven by societal challenges in energy, logistics and supply chains, resilience and sustainability, and circuit design and control.

Machine Learning

Machine learning aims to produce machines that can learn from their experiences and make predictions based on those experiences and other data they have analyzed. The Machine Learning Center at Georgia Tech (ML@GT) is an Interdisciplinary Research Center that is both a home for thought leaders and practitioners and a training ground for the next generation of pioneers.

Supply Chain and Logistics Institute

The Georgia Tech Supply Chain and Logistics Institute (SCL) is the largest supply chain and logistics leadership institute in the world providing comprehensive research, education, and outreach programs. For more than thirty years, SCL has been a world leader across a broad range of supply chain and logistics domains.

Center for Health and Humanitarian Systems

The Georgia Tech Center for Health and Humanitarian Systems (CHHS), an Interdisciplinary Research Center (IRC), aims to transform health and humanitarian systems through a global commitment to education, outreach, and innovative solutions.