Juba Ziani

Assistant Professor


 Groseclose 343
  • Juba Ziani Google Scholar


  • Ph.D. Computing and Mathematical Science (2019), California Institute of Technology


  • Game Theory
  • Mechanism Design
  • Markets for Data
  • Differential Privacy
  • Fairness in Machine Learning
  • Online Learning


Juba Ziani is an Assistant Professor in the H. Milton Stewart School of Industrial and Systems Engineering. Prior to this, Juba was a Warren Center Postdoctoral Fellow at the University of Pennsylvania, hosted by Sampath Kannan, Michael Kearns, Aaron Roth, and Rakesh Vohra. Juba completed his Phd at Caltech in the Computing and Mathematical Sciences department, where he was advised by Katrina Ligett and Adam Wierman.

Juba studies the optimization, game theoretic, economic, ethical, and societal challenges that arise from transactions and interactions involving data. In particular, his research focuses on the design of markets for data, on data privacy with a focus on "differential privacy", on fairness in machine learning and decision-making, and on strategic considerations in machine learning.

A list of publications is available on Google Scholar: https://scholar.google.com/citations?hl=en&user=1bwPKXpo97YC