Advanced Manufacturing

ISyE faculty and students in the advanced manufacturing area focus on processes through cutting-edge computational, experimental, and statistical techniques. The group also works closely with industry and government partners and collaborators to validate and implement research results.

Analytics & Machine Learning

ISyE faculty and students are working on theoretical and methodological advances in analytics and machine learning, as well as with companies and organizations to bring state-of-the-art analytics and big-data research to bear on real-life problems.

Applied Probability and Simulation

ISyE’s research in applied probability and simulation ranges from theory to application. Current methodological research in applied probability includes approximations of queuing networks, rare events (e.g., large deviations, extreme values, and tail asymptotics), etc.

Data Science and Statistics

Data and statistical science consists of a body of tools, concepts, and algorithms for collecting, analyzing, and interpreting data. It is an integral part of ISyE, where engineers are trained in understanding the system by collecting and analyzing data. 

Economic Decision Analysis

In the area of Economic Decision Analysis, faculty and student researchers at ISyE apply analytical, quantitative, and empirical techniques to planning, contracts, and decisions that involve economic, financial, or social valuations. 

Energy and Sustainable Systems

ISyE faculty and students are engaged in a wide range of analysis of energy, industrial, infrastructure, and natural systems, investigating their functioning principals and their environmental and economic impacts.

Health and Humanitarian Systems

Faculty and students at ISyE are developing, applying, and disseminating advanced science and evidence-based approaches to improving health care systems and patient care, prevention of disease, public health decisions, and humanitarian systems within the U.S. and abroad through a variety of research activities.

System Informatics and Control

Anchored on the effective and seamless integration of physical and analytical models with empirical, data-driven methodologies, System Informatics and Control (SIAC) aims to provide a new scientific base for the design, analysis, and control of complex manufacturing and service systems.


ISyE boasts the largest, single-program concentration of faculty at any U.S. university with optimization as their primary area of research expertise. Optimization, the mathematically rigorous methodology for seeking the best action among a multitude of alternatives, is a key design and operational tool in numerous critical applications. 

Supply Chain Engineering

A supply chain is a set of organizations that work together to design, produce, and deliver a product or service to a market, beginning with the procurement of raw materials and ending with the distribution of finished products or services to end-users or consumers.