Frederick Benaben

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Professor - IMT Mines Albi - Industrial Engineering Research Center - FRANCE

Adjunct Professor - Georgia Tech - H. Milton Stewart School of Industrial and Systems Engineering 

Visiting Senior Research Scientist - Georgia Tech - ISyE - PI Lab - USA (14 months)

Frederick Benaben is the head of the IO research team (Interoperability of Organizations – IMT Mines Albi), he is a lecturer and researcher in the fields of Collaborative Networks and Information Systems. His research activities concern gathering, interpretation and exploitation of data about collaborative situations, through model transformations and knowledge management, to design agile information systems based on web and cloud architectures. The main application domains of this "model-driven intelligence" are security and crisis situation management, supply chain, smart city, transportation networks, and health care systems.

Frederick Benaben is Professor affiliated to :

  • Georgia Tech / ISyE / Physical Internet Lab
  • Penn State University / IST / 3C informatics
  • Beijing JiaoTong University / School of Economy and Management

During the last fifteen years, he has published more than 150 communications including more than 20 journal articles. He has been involved in more than 12 funded collaborative projects, and he did also supersize more than 20 PhD. He has been Keynote speaker in 5 international conferences.

At Georgia Tech ISyE, he is working on a model-based AI framework, dedicated to the interpretation of contextual data to create and maintain models of supply-chain networks in order to identify risks and opportunities. These risks and opportunities models could be used as decision support systems to improve the design and the enactment of the trajectories of supply-chain systems.

  • Information System
  • Model-Driven Engineering
  • Interoperability
  • Risk and Crisis Management
  • Service-Oriented and Event-Driven Architectures