When submitting matlab cases to condor you probably want to take advantage of third party tools etc, and since you have to run matlab in batch mode you will want matlab to load those automatically on start. This is in order to make sure your code runs smoothly when condor launches it.

In this example we will be loading the cplex module for matlab automatically using the matlab startup.m file.

Log into wren.isye.gatech.edu then type:

 cd ~/Documents/MATLAB

(create these directories if they aren't already there)

mkdir ~/Documents; mkdir ~/Documents/MATLAB

Create a file called startup.m in the directory you just created:

touch ~/Documents/MATLAB/startup.m

Then add the cplex matlab path to the matlab user path:

 echo "addpath /opt/cplex/latest/cplex/matlab; savepath $HOME/Documents/MATLAB" >> ~/Documents/MATLAB/startup.m

You should now be able to call cplex functions in matlab.


If you plan to run your cplex functions in matlab via condor you'll need to make sure the following is declared in your condor submit file:

getenv = true