At some point, you might come across something that isn't working the way it should or something isn't doing what you understand it should do. We would be happy to help in anyway we can. This article focuses more of less on condor issues.

Submitting a ticket

We have a ticket system that helps us keep track of the different tasks the school needs of us as well as making sure the right tasks are assigned to the right people making that much faster and easier to get the issue, problem resolved or question answered. To use this system simply send an email to 'helpdesk[at]'.

So what should you include in your email:
  • Your name
  • Login name
  • What you're trying to do, what happens when you do it and what you think should happen but doesn't.
  • Directory path you are in when you are doing it. Running the command 'pwd' will give you the working directory.
  • What host you're on when this happens. The command 'hostname' will give you this.
  • Condor Only