GAMS and Matlab setup.
This assumes your name is Jsmith and you are student.
(substitute your username and home path)

Log into the compute01:

ssh jsmith@compute01

1) First find out your home path if you don't already know it.

 cd ~


2) set the userpath in matlab:

2a) Start Matlab


(Note: this can be any directory under your homes but Documents/MATLAB
is standard.)

2b) confirm the user path:


make sure it reflects what we typed in above in

2a then exit


2c) write a startup.m file and place it in the Documents/MATLAB directory from above:

 cd ~/Documents/MATLAB
 vi startup.m

2d) write to the startup.m file:

 addpath /opt/gams/latest; savepath /home/stu/jsmith/Documents/MATLAB;

3) add the following lines to your /home/stu/jsmith/.profile:

 export PATH=$PATH:/opt/gams/latest
 export LD_LIBRARY_PATH=$LD_LIBRARY_PATH:/opt/gams/latest

4) test the install:
from your bash prompt:

      mkdir ~/matlab_tmp
      cd ~/matlab_tmp
      testlib gdxmrw03
      testlib gdxmrw04
      testlib gdxmrw05

5) execute all three and report any errors your get:

 gams gdxmrew03
 gams gdxmrew04
 gams gdxmrew05


To learn how to use it with condor find the following simple example and copy it into your home directory:

 cp -r /opt/gams/latest/examples/gdxmrw_sample ~/

From within that example directory make the following changes to the gams.cmd file:

 notify_user = <username>

replace with your email address

Also notice the requirements statement:

 Requirements = MACHINE==""

abel is the only machine (other than wren) that has a license for gams at the moment. gams won't work if you try to run this on any other machine.
(without this statement it won't run correctly)

execute by running the following on wren:

 condor_submit gams.cmd

the output should appear in the .out file in the tmp directory

I have also included a few pdfs in the docs/ directory for further reading if you wish.