There are any number of reasons a job can remain idle. First find out your job id:

 condor_q <username>

 395220.0   <username>         9/6  17:34   0+00:00:40 H  0   22.0 levlow ../incgB_10

Then run:

 condor_q 395220.0 |grep ^HoldReason

One common reason for Held jobs is running out of memory, which is usually due to memory leaks. The condor_q -l output contains the "ImageSize" attribute, expressed in KB. If this amount is larger than 12000000 (12GB) then you know you have a problem; and it could be a problem even at "only" 8GB.

But if the reason was something like "Failed to open 'file.random.m" as standard input: No such file or directory (errno 2)" and you've made sure the file is available and readable you can try a:

condor_release 395220.0 

To try and finish the job without having to resubmit it. If you find its something wrong with the job itself and you have to resubmit you can do a:

condor_rm 395220.0

To clear it from the q and submit it again.

For more detailed information, please see the appropriate section of the condorHT Current Stable version Why is the job not running?