How do I get on the waitlist for a class?
  1. Log into Buzzport
  2. On the Home tab, locate the “REGISTRATION AND STUDENT SERVICES “ channel
  3. Select the “Registration – OSCAR” link
  4. Select “Student Services & Financial Aid"
  5. Select “Registration”
  6. Select “Look Up Classes”
  7. Perform a search for the course in which you are interested
  8. Once the results are returned, you may identify course sections using waitlist by the “WL” columns
  9. Take note of the Course Registration Number (CRN)
  10. Select “Add to Worksheet”
  11. Enter the course section CRN and Submit Changes
  12. Review your changes before exiting


How do I get overloads for ISyE courses?

ISyE does not grant overload requests. Please use the Waitlist function for all ISyE courses that are full. This will enforce a first come first served priority scheme. Degree candidates are given priority on the waitlist system.

How do I get permits for Senior Design, Graduate Courses, ISYE 4803, or Major Restrictions?
  • Senior Design Permits
    • Senior Design permits will be issued at the beginning of Phase II Registration, after your pre-proposal has been approved by the senior design coordinator.
    • No permits will be issued before the start of Phase II.
    • Senior Design Time Conflicts cannot be resolved. You cannot take courses that overlap with senior design times.
  • Graduate course permit - Undergraduate students are considered based on the following criteria: 
    • Students who intend to use graduate credits toward both the bachelor's and master's degrees in the same discipline at Georgia Tech may use up to 6 credit hours of graduate-level coursework in the major discipline. To qualify for this option, students must complete the undergraduate degree with a cumulative grade point average of 3.5 or higher and complete the master's degree within a two-year period from the award date of the bachelor's degree.
    • If the credits are not to be used towards the master degree, there is a minimum GPA requirement of 3.0.
    • Request for Approval for an Undergraduate to Register For Graduate Courses
  • ISYE 4803
    • If you get the error "DUPL CRSE WITH SEC-XXXXX" then you may be trying to register for two sections of ISYE 4803 Special Topics courses in the same semester. This is OK except that the system does not recognize that they are different classes. In this case you need to contact your advisor to give you the duplicate course override. Please do this before registration begins to prevent delay.

  • Major Restriction Permit
    • Beginning the last Wednesday of phase II registration, ISyE major restrictions are lifted for 2000 and most 3000 level courses. At this point, students outside ISyE will have the opportunity to register or join the waitlist. For all other ISyE courses, please check OSCAR for information regarding registration. No overload requests will be granted.

How do I get permits into non-ISyE courses?

ISyE personnel cannot grant permits for non-ISyE courses; each school controls permits and overloads for its courses.

  • Please be considerate of the workload pressures of the Academic Advisors in other departments when dealing with emails, walk-ins, and phone calls. They are doing all they can to accommodate students. 
  • Permits and Overload Departmental list

How do I register when an ISyE class is full?
  • ISyE students: Join the waitlist if a course is full/closed.
  • Non-ISyE students: Major restrictions will be lifted from the majority of the ISyE courses at noon on the last Wednesday of Phase II. Join the waitlist if a class you would like to sign up for is full/closed.

I have a hold on my account, how can I register?
  • Use the Instructions for Viewing Holds to view any holds before registration begins.
  • Students cannot register until all holds are removed. There are no exceptions to this.
  • Holds can only be removed by the department who placed the hold. Ex. if the Bursar's office placed the hold, ISyE cannot remove the hold for you. Only the Bursar's office can remove the hold.
  • Any holds issued through ISyE will NOT be removed over the phone. You must meet with an advisor to have the hold removed (in the office or virtually, under the COVID-19 situation).

What if I have a senior design conflict?

Senior Design Time Conflicts cannot be resolved. You cannot take courses that overlap with senior design times.

What is the thirty-six hour rule?

The final thirty-six hours earned for a degree must be taken in residence at Georgia Tech. Study Abroad experiences organized through Ga Tech's Office of International Education (OIE) do count as "in residence."

When can I start registering?

Time Tickets are determined by the Georgia Tech Registrar.

Check your Time Ticket information here.