The application domain of industrial engineering is the world. You can find industrial engineers in all aspects of supply chain, hospitals, financial institutions, and service organizations. It is very important for each student to gain real professional experience before graduation. Cooperative education (co-ops) and internships are two excellent channels.

You may have noticed that ISyE has no labs (other than computer labs). This is because no lab can be as good as a real system. In co-ops and internships, you will work in real organizations dealing with real hardware and software systems as you work with real professionals and clients. This will help you to learn, to grow and to see the linkage between what you learn in the classroom with your professional experience.

A co-op provides a three-semester and comprehensive professional experience. You alternate between going to school and working with the same company. It also comes with a co-op designation on your degree and transcript.

Internships provide a more flexible professional experience. They can range in length from one summer to multiple semesters.

The Georgia Tech Global Internship Program provides ISyE students the opportunity to gain experience, develop the skills employers need in a global economy and get exposure to cross-cultural communication and learning.

Please visit the Center for Career Discovery and Development to sign up and look for opportunities.