How do I change my major to Industrial Engineering?

ALL STUDENTS, (whether having accumulated 60 hours or not) who would like to change to the ISyE major must attend a Change of Major information session. See below for registration form.

Admitted First Year Students – attend change of major session

First Year students (non-transfers) are allowed one major change during the first 2 semesters of residence. After attending the change of major session student may submit the change of major form to the ISyE Academic Office (Sudie Davis), however the form will not be submitted to the GT Registrar’s office until after the deadline for withdrawal from classes with a W grade in the first term of their enrollment. See here for the GT Academic Calendar. The change would be effective for the second term of enrollment.

Current GT students (non-First Year) – attend change of major session

GT students who have studied at GT for more than 2 semesters or have more than 60 hours must follow the ISyE Change of Major requirements below.

Transfer Students from other Universities – attend change of major session

ISyE follows GT Change of Major rules in addition to specific ISyE change of major requirements below.

Requirements for Non-First Year and Transfer Students:

ISyE change of major candidates must complete the following four GT courses::

  • ENGL 1102* or PSYC 1101*
  • CS 1301*, CS 1371, or CS 2316
  • MATH 2603
  • ISyE 2027

* If you have transfer credit for these courses, ISyE will pick an appropriate substitute course for you to take. Please email Sudie Davis.

Additionally, change of major candidates must:

  • Earn at least a C in each of the four courses listed above;
  • Earn at least a 3.0 average in the four courses, weighing each course equally;
  • Have an overall Georgia Tech GPA of at least 3.0; and
  • Have a letter grade for the four courses (no transfer credit accepted).

General guideline for registration:

  1. Continue with MATH. The ISyE sequence is:
    • 1551 – Differential Calc
    • 1553 or 1554 – Intro to Linear Algebra or Linear Algebra
    • 1552 – Integral Calc
    • 2551 (if you take MATH 1553) or 2550 (only if you take MATH 1554) – Multivariable Calc or Intro Multiv Calc
    • 2603 – Intro to Discrete Math
  2. Add English 1102 if you need it. Otherwise, add a Humanities, PSYC 1101, ECON, etc.
  3. The first ISYE course, ISYE 2027, requires MATH 2551 (or MATH 2550) – you may register for ISYE 2027 if: either you have completed or are enrolled in MATH 2551. We strongly recommend taking MATH 2550 prior to ISYE 2027.
  4. Add a Lab Science – ISyE requires four semesters: Physics 2211 and 2212 and two other 4-hour lab sciences. See our website:
  5. Add CS 1301 – please see here for CS registration information:
  6. ISyE 2027 is major restricted until the last Wednesday of Phase II.

Sign up for an information session

If you are off-campus use the: