Can I add a second MS major to my current ISyE MS major?

No, ISyE does not allow double Master degrees.

Do I have to apply to graduate?

Yes. Degree candidates must submit the Online Application for Graduation (OAG) prior to the last semester. See here:

Do I need to be enrolled full-time to receive GRA/GTA tuition waiver?

Yes, students with GRA/GTA must be enrolled as a full-time student (12+ credit hours).  See here for GRA/GTA policies:

How do I request a Change of Major?

Students who wish to change degree programs will not be considered or granted admission into the new program before they have completed at least one full semester at Georgia Tech.  Students seeking to change primary or secondary degree programs must submit an application to the ISyE Graduate Programs Manager at least four (4) weeks prior to the semester for which the change is sought.  

Current Georgia Tech MS students may apply to change their major program into MSCSE-ISyE, MSHS, MSIE, MSOR, or MSSTATS-ISyE by submitting an updated CV, a statement of purpose, and at least two (2) recommendation letters from Georgia Tech faculty.  These materials can be submitted directly to the ISyE Graduate Programs Manager for approval by the Faculty Lead Advisor of the ISyE degree program sought, the Director of MS Programs, and the Associate Chair for Graduate Studies.  

Georgia Tech students pursuing the Ph.D. degree in other schools across campus who wish to earn a secondary degree within our MSCSE-ISyE, MSHS, MSIE, MSOR, or MSSTATS-ISyE programs should apply following the same process as above with the exception of the recommendation letters.  We will ask for one (1) letter of recommendation from the dissertation research advisor authorizing and recommending the admission.   

Current Georgia Tech MS students interested in changing majors into MS Analytics, MS Supply Chain Engineering, or MS QCF should consult directly with the Faculty Director of the appropriate program about opportunities for the transfer.  

I am a GRA/GTA, but my tuition waiver is not showing up on my Bursar account.

Tuition waivers will not reflect on student accounts until the student has registered full-time.  Note: there is sometimes a small delay after registering.
If you believe there is an issue with your waiver, please contact your ISyE Graduate Programs Manager.

I am a Ph.D. student in another school. How can I add an ISyE Master’s?

Georgia Tech students pursuing the Ph.D. degree in other schools across campus who wish to earn a secondary degree within our MSCSE-ISyE, MSHS, MSIE, MSOR, or MSSTATS-ISyE programs should apply by submitting an updated CV, a letter of recommendation from the dissertation research advisor authorizing and recommending admission, a statement of purpose, and the Graduate Change/Add a Major form. 

Application materials should be submitted to the ISyE Graduate Programs Manager who will seek approval from the appropriate Faculty Lead Advisor of the MS degree program and the Associate Chair for Graduate Studies.  

I have received a summer internship offer. How do I apply and request departmental approval?

Students must follow the Graduate Internship Program application and approval process from the C2D2 website here:

I think there is a mistake on my DegreeWorks. How do I correct this?

Students should pay close attention to their DegreeWorks record, as it can change throughout a semester.  If you notice a discrepancy, or have any questions, please notify your Graduate Programs Manager in ISyE.

What is the minimum GPA I need to graduate?

A Master student must have a minimum of 2.7 GPA to graduate. A Ph.D. student must have a minimum of a 3.0.

What is the process to request a course substitution or replacement?

To request a course replacement students should complete and submit the Course Replacement form found at  The program Faculty Lead Advisor as well as the Associate Chair for Graduate Studies must approve.  Students will receive an email with the outcome. 


I am a current MS student interested in pursuing a follow-on Ph.D.; what is the application process for me?

A student pursuing a Master’s degree in an ISyE program who seeks admission for a follow-on Ph.D. degree from an ISyE program must follow the regular admissions process for Ph.D. programs and adhere to all stated deadlines. The application requires three recommendation letters, and it is best if one of these letters is written by the student’s prospective thesis research advisor in ISyE and expresses very strong support. Such requests will be evaluated in the same fashion as for new Ph.D. applicants and typically will not be considered until the final term of the applicant’s Master’s program. To receive full consideration, applications must be received by the usual Ph.D. application deadline, which is December 15th each year for the following fall semester. Students who apply after April 1st are generally ineligible for assistantship funding. Typically, we allow fall admission only for new Ph.D. students. In some cases, internal Master’s students may be considered to begin their Ph.D. in spring, but such applicants must come with very strong recommendations from faculty as well as a guaranteed funding position.

I need Verification/Certification of my pending degree, enrollment, completion, etc. How may I obtain this document?

Verifications and Certifications should be requested through the Registrar's Office.  See here for available forms:

Meeting Rooms

Are there meeting rooms are available to students?

Rooms are first and foremost for the use of ISyE faculty, staff, students, and school-related business. Reservations can be made by ISyE facuty, staff, and students at

ISyE Main Building

  • Atrium
  • Room 108 - Cecil G. Johnson ISyE Studio
  • Room 109 - Cecil G. Johnson ISyE Studio
  • Room 110 - Cecil G. Johnson ISyE Studio


The upper floors of Groseclose are restricted access after 6pm and on weekends.

  • Room 303
  • Room 304
  • Room 403
  • Room 404

Instructional Center

  • All rooms in the Instructional Center are managed by Capital Planning and Space Management
  • You can view room availability and make reservations at the Georgia Tech Events Reservation System

How do I share / mirror my screen to the meeting room displays

1. Solstice Wireless Video Presentation

How to Connect

Make sure that you are connected to a Georgia Tech provided wirelesss network (preferred = eduroam). For more information on connecting to any of Georgia Tech's wireless networks, visit the Wireless Networking at Georgia Tech guide

Find the correct input on the television or projector using the control box or the remote control.

First-time Users:

Open a browser on your device and type in the address that you see on the upper right of the Solstice display in the room. Follow the on-screen prompts to download the app for your device.

Returning Users:

Open the Solstice app on your device, and either connect to a Solstice display from the directory, or type in the address of a Solstice Pod. When prompted, input the screen key shown on the Solstice Display.


Submit a request for assistance to

New Students

Can I arrive late in the semester if I’m not able to get my visa on time?

Federal regulations require that all F and J student visa holders arrive to campus and complete the OIE check-in process no later than 30 days after the start of the semester.  However, ISyE will consider “late arrivals” on a case by case basis.  If your visa process is delayed and you need to arrive after the start of classes, please reach out to our Graduate Programs Manager and Associate Chair for Graduate Studies for further guidance.     

Can I request transfer credit form another school?

A request for transfer credit cannot be considered until a student has matriculated into the graduate program. The maximum transfer credit allowed is up to six credit hours. Students must supply their transcript and the relevant course syllabi to the Graduate Programs Manager who will then ask the appropriate ISyE faculty member(s) for their evaluations.

Do I need to pay a deposit or matriculation fee?

Apart from the MS Analytics and MS QCF degree programs, there is not a deposit or matriculation fee required.

How can I start the process to obtain my I-20?

International students who intend to enroll at Georgia Tech's Atlanta campus and require an I-20, please note: the I-20 process cannot begin until (1) The Office of Graduate Studies has completed the verification process and finalizes your acceptance, and (2) you have accepted the offer. The ISyE Academic Office regularly monitors admissions and will initiate the new student I-20 request in iStart as quickly as possible. We understand this is time sensitive, so rest assured, we will work to move this process along as quickly as we can. Upon our initiating the I-20 request in iStart, you will be notified by the Office of International Education (OIE), prompting you to complete your portion of the request. This includes financials.

I am an incoming graduate student. When can I register for classes?

New graduate students register for classes during the Phase II registration window according to the Registrar’s academic calendar (  Just before registration begins, students will have an assigned time ticket emailed to them specifying the date/time your access to the registration system will begin. 

I am an international admitted applicant. What documents do I need to submit to Georgia Tech prior to enrollment?

Be sure to check your status through the official Application Status Portal regularly for any missing documents.

International admitted applicants who intend to accept the offer and enroll at Georgia Tech must submit their official academic credentials/documents as noted here: If you have questions regarding this after reviewing the website, please reach out to for clarification and/or confirmation.

I have already received my I-20 but now I need to defer my admission to a future semester. Do I need a new I-20?

Yes, the new student I-20 must match the program and semester of enrollment.  Please complete a new Arrival Confirmation E-form in iStart (listing Harry Sharp as Grad Coord/Advisor for the department) to let the OIE know your plans. 

Students will receive updates throughout this process from the OIE via email.  

I have been admitted. What are my next steps prior to enrollment?

Congratulations again on your acceptance!

As you prepare to enroll in graduate school at Georgia Tech, please review the New Student Checklist. This website includes information on things such as obtaining a GT BuzzCard, accessing your GT email, registering for classes, completing the Office of Human Resources new hire (GTA/GRA) paperwork, etc.

I was admitted to the Master’s program without funding. Are there any funding opportunities?

Because all Ph.D. students are supported financially via GTA/GRA, we are not typically able to fund MS students.  Occasionally, a MS student may obtain a paid position; however; there is no formal application for this through the Academic Office.  Rather, a student might approach (professionally) a faculty member he or she is interested in working with to inquire about funding.  Note, this usually only happens in a student’s second or third semester, not initially. 

If I am taking online classes, will the classes be live, and am I required to attend the live class sessions?

Almost all of the online courses will be designed in such way that you will not have to be present for the live presentation.  We realize that many of our students are in different time zones and we intend to accommodate you all.  The course(s) will either be taped ahead of time allowing you to access the video at your convenience, or the course will be recorded as it's live allowing you to access the video at your convenience.  

My admission offer came with a GTA/GRA. How do I get paid?

As a new student employee (GTA/GRA), you must complete the Georgia Tech OHR onboarding process ( Please be sure this is done prior to the start of the semester.

Note: Students expecting fellowship payments or refunds from Georgia Tech, must sign up separately for the Georgia Tech Bursar's Office Direct Deposit process.

What are the tuition and fee rates?

Tuition and fee rates for all programs are listed on the Georgia Tech Bursar's website here: Simply click Master & PhD Candidates to view the breakdown of in-state and out-of-state rates. Note, full-time enrollment consists of 12+ credit hours.

Distance Learning (online) students are not required to be enrolled full-time.

What classes should I register for in my first semester?

For a complete list of degree program course requirements, please check the official Georgia Tech Catalog at: Your faculty advisor can answer questions regarding course selection and the program of study, but we will also address course selection and registration during our new student orientations.

The ISyE Graduate Student Handbook is also an excellent tool to reference.

What is the deadline to respond to my admission offer?

Ph.D. admitted applicants who have been offered financial assistance have until April 15th to inform us of their decision, though we appreciate decisions as early as possible.

There is not an official deadline for MS admitted applicants to respond to the offer, but the sooner the better. This is especially true for international students requiring an I-20.

International students, please remember that we cannot begin the I-20 process until Graduate Studies has verified and finalized your admission record, and until you have accepted the admissions offer.

Please indicate your enrollment intentions by logging into your Application Status Portal and completing the Reply to Offer of Admission.

What is the process for obtaining my I-20?

Please review the step-by-step process regarding I-20 issuance on the Office of International Education (OIE) website here: We understand this is a time sensitive process and will work to diligently to ensure new students can apply for visas and arrive to campus on time.

We recommend adding to your safe sender list to be sure that you do not miss any important emails from the OIE regarding your I-20.

When and where should I send in my missing documents?

Although you uploaded unofficial documents when you applied, you must also submit your final official transcript (and any other missing document(s) noted on your status-check) to the Office of Graduate Studies prior to the start of classes. New students can either mail the documents in or hand-deliver to the following address when they arrive to campus:

Office of Graduate Studies
Georgia Tech
631 Cherry St., Suite 318
Atlanta, GA 3033-0321

Please refer to the admission letter sent by Graduate Studies and/or the following Graduate Studies Application Materials page.

When is the tuition/fee payment deadline?

The official payment deadline for the upcoming semester can be found on the Georgia Tech's Bursar Calendar,

When will new student orientation be?

Each year, ISyE holds a mandatory new student orientation session for all graduate degree programs the week prior to fall classes beginning. Notification will be emailed during the summer with new student orientation details.

In addition to our ISyE new student orientation, the Office of Graduate Studies holds their own orientation session(s) and Grad Expo ( New students are encouraged to find a session that works for their schedule and attend.

Where can I find the “Complete your Decision” button as indicated in my acceptance letter?

The “Complete your Decision” button will not be visible to you until the Office of Graduate Studies finalizes your admission record.  Unfortunately, this process takes some time.  If you know your decision, feel free to let us know and we will be happy to update your decision on our side.

Will a deferral affect my ability to take an internship (complete CPT) during Summer 2021?

Initially, the answer to this question was “yes”.  However, we are creating track options for each of our Master's programs that will include an approved internship as a program requirement without increasing the required number of degree credit-hours. F-1 students that select these tracks will qualify for curricular practical training (CPT) during the semester (fall, spring, summer) of the approved internship. We believe resident students will be ready to complete an internship requirement after one semester of completed program coursework, and thus all students joining in Fall 2020 or Spring 2021 should qualify for Summer 2021 CPT.


Can I audit an ISYE course?

No, we do not allow students to audit ISYE courses. Seats in ISYE courses must be reserved for students who are using the courses to satisfy degree requirements.

Can I take an ISYE course pass/fail?

Generally, no. All courses used to satisfy MS degree requirements must be taken on a letter-grade basis. If you are taking an ISYE course in excess of the degree (i.e. not counting towards any requirements), then you may request to change the grade mode to pass/fail AFTER Phase II registration has ended. This must be done before the Change of Grade Mode deadline published on the Registrar's Academic Calendar. Please contact the Academic Office or your program advisor if you have questions about this process.

How do I obtain a permit for a non-ISyE course?

ISyE personnel cannot grant permits for non-ISyE courses; each Georgia Tech School controls permits and waitlists for its courses.  Please see the Departmental Contact list from the Registrar's Registration website:   

How do I obtain a permit to register for Special Problems?

See the ISyE Graduate Student Handbook for the process regarding Special Problems and Research Courses.

Note: Registration for ISyE 8900 and 8901 is by permit only. Students must submit a request form no later than Wednesday of the final week of course registration.

Permit requests are approved first by the faculty advisor/instructor, and second by the Director. Once the request is approved by both parties, a permit will be issued.

Letter-graded course requests are limited to 3 credit-hours, and must include a course syllabus and a document describing the course grading procedure.

How does Cross-Registration work?

The application for students interested in cross-registration can be found here:  Graduate students should obtain prior approval from their faculty program advisor to ensure the cross-registration course will count toward their degree. 

Please note there is a separate cover sheet required for Emory cross-registration (  

I am trying to register, but keep seeing a Major Restriction error. How do I get a permit?

We do not grant permits to non-ISyE MS majors.  Major restrictions will lift the last Wednesday of Phase II registration.  If a course is full, please add to the waitlist.

Moreover, students should review OSCAR's Schedule of Classes for any course restrictions/comments.


What is your policy on overloads?

We do not overload.  If a course is full, please add to the waitlist. Degree candidates and Senior PhD students are given priority on the waitlist.