I am a current MS student interested in pursuing a follow-on Ph.D.; what is the application process for me?

A student pursuing a Master’s degree in an ISyE program who seeks admission for a follow-on Ph.D. degree from an ISyE program must follow the regular admissions process for Ph.D. programs and adhere to all stated deadlines. The application requires three recommendation letters, and it is best if one of these letters is written by the student’s prospective thesis research advisor in ISyE and expresses very strong support. Such requests will be evaluated in the same fashion as for new Ph.D. applicants and typically will not be considered until the final term of the applicant’s Master’s program. To receive full consideration, applications must be received by the usual Ph.D. application deadline, which is December 15th each year for the following fall semester. Students who apply after April 1st are generally ineligible for assistantship funding. Typically, we allow fall admission only for new Ph.D. students. In some cases, internal Master’s students may be considered to begin their Ph.D. in spring, but such applicants must come with very strong recommendations from faculty as well as a guaranteed funding position.

I need Verification/Certification of my pending degree, enrollment, completion, etc. How may I obtain this document?

Verifications and Certifications should be requested through the Registrar's Office.  See here for available forms: