International Programs

The lab for industrial and systems engineering is the world. Our graduates have indicated that one of the best ways to gain international experience is to participate in a professional experience and/or going through one of our international programs.

Georgia Tech has won the Andrew Heiskell Award for Innovation in International Education in 2010, and the Paul Simon Award in 2007 in recognition of its efforts to internationalize the campus, sponsored by the Institute of International Education and the Association of International Educators (NAFSA) respectively. The percentage of ISyE students' participation in international programs is the higher than any other major except International Affairs!

You can participate in a variety of international programs, including:

ISyE's Faculty-Led Programs

The Faculty-Led programs are, perhaps, the easiest to participate in. Although beneficial, the knowledge of local language is normally not necessary. Some of the popular summer programs for ISyE students are:

ISyE Asia Program

The ISYE Summer Program in Asia is sponsored by the School of Industrial and Systems Engineering (ISYE) and the Office of International Education (OIE). This 11-week summer program,  offers Georgia Tech ISYE juniors or seniors the opportunity to take 3 ISyE concentration courses (typically ISyE 4803 Energy and Green Economy, ISyE 4803 Financial Data Analysis and ISyE 4803 Decision Analysis) and HTS 2062 Asia in Modern World (which counts as a Social Science elective) all while exploring some of the most important locations for logistics and manufacturing in the 21st century.

ISyE Europe - Dublin

The ISYE Summer Program in Europe is sponsored by the School of Industrial and Systems Engineering (ISYE) and the Office of International Education (OIE). This 10-week summer program offers Georgia Tech ISYE students the opportunity to take 1 social science, 1 humanities and 2 ISyE junior level courses.

Coursework will be offered in Dublin, Ireland at the University College Dublin (UCD). The program offers 2 junior level classes, a Social Science elective, and a Humanities elective.

Oxford Summer Program

The Oxford Program is a unique opportunity... This highly intense adventure is not for the faint of heart—It consists of one week of pre-departure classes in Atlanta followed by five weeks traveling throughout continental Europe. Once the Travel Portion concludes, students spend six weeks studying in Oxford, England while living at Mansfield College.

Earning twelve credit hours along the way, students have the opportunity to seize the only chance in their lives to take a 12-week adventure to study and learn first-hand through the lens of multiple European cultures.

Georgia Tech Europe Campus (GTE)

Students in Europe

In the Summer, GTE offers various CS, Math, Engineering, ISyE 2027, 3030, 3039 and 4031. The course offerings may change somewhat each summer. GTE also offers courses in fall and spring.

University Exchange Programs

Students on a bench

Another very enriching international experience can be gained by participating semester/exchange programs. IE students have many options for exchange with great universities around the world due to our reputation. Exchange programs may have language requirements and are more immersive than the faculty lead or GTE programs. View the programs below and please check with your advisor about possibilities

Visit the Office of International Education program listing

Georgia Tech's International Plan for ISyE

Globalization requires future graduates to understand culture, economics and geopolitical systems outside of borders. The Georgia Tech International Plan requires the most intensive international experience, and prepares graduates to succeed professionally and personally in the global environment. This challenging program contains coherent components of language, residence and academics. Upon successful completion, the IP will be designated on both the transcript and the diploma.

For ISyE students, the specific requirements are:

  • Develop a coherent study plan and get it approved by the ISyE's Associate Chair for Undergraduate Studies.
  • Complete IP capstone design requirement. In senior design, you should register for ISYE 4106 IP, and contact ISyE advisor as soon as you are in senior design to work on the specific requirements for the IP elements. Specifically, you will need to add an addendum to your senior design project to link your international experience with your senior design. For example, if you are interested in supply chain, how would your supply chain issues in your senior design project work in the countries you visited considering cultural, historical, political and language differences. If you are interested in financial systems, how would the financial aspects of your senior design differ in the countries your visited.