BSIE students can apply to be part of a pathway program for MS degrees in Statistics and Computational Science and Engineering (CSE) and receive the following benefits:

  • Streamlined application process;
  • Early conditional admissions decision for the program;
  • Waiver of the GRE.

To apply, please submit the pre-application form:

The approval of the pathway application is not a guaranteed admission to the MS degree program but instead an indication that a student will be admitted contingent upon formal approval by the Office of Graduate Studies during the regular application cycle for the year of matriculation.

Students approved for the pathway program will meet with MS program advisors and members of the Academic Office to plan for the MS degree, taking advantage of the following options when appropriate:

  • Double-counting of up to six credits between the BSIE and the MS, subject to MS program approval, a cumulative 3.5 GPA upon graduation with the BSIE, and completion of the MS within two years of the BS graduation.
  • Counting of up to six additional credits toward the MS degree if the credits are taken while pursuing the BSIE and are in excess of the 128-credit BSIE requirement. (In other words, the courses must be "fallthrough" courses in DegreeWorks and cannot satisfy any BSIE requirement, including free electives.)


  • When do I submit the application for the pathway program?
    • When you have completed or are currently enrolled in ISYE 3133 and 3232
  • When are decisions made on the pathway program applications?
    • Fall start: by November 1st of the previous year
      Spring start: by July 1st of the previous year
  • If my pathway application is approved, when do I submit the Institute's formal application?
    • Fall start: by January 15
      Spring start: by September 15 [note: application will be for the following fall term and we will have to back it up to spring]
  • Which classes do I double-count?
    • This varies widely and depends on which MS degree you are pursuing. For most degrees, you can double-count 4000-level ISyE concentration electives as courses for the MS, so you don't need to change your BSIE course plan to pursue this option. Please consult with the Faculty Advisor for your MS program or ISyE's Director of Student Services with specific questions about double-counting.
  • How do I register for graduate-level courses to take in excess of the BSIE (up to 6 credits) while still an undergraduate?
    • Once your pathway application has been approved, please consult with the Director of Student Services and/or the Faculty Advisor for your MS program to determine the best courses to take and to receive permits for those courses.


  • Visit to determine the MS degree you would like to pursue.
  • Schedule a meeting with the Faculty Advisor for your MS program and/or ISyE's Director of Student Services to discuss your BS-to-MS plan.
  • Once you are taking or have completed ISYE 3133 and/or ISYE 3232, submit a pathway application at:
  • If your pathway application is approved, contact the Academic Office for permits for graduate-level courses to take during your BSIE program.
  • At the beginning of your final semester in the BSIE program (before 1/15 for spring, 9/15 for fall), submit a formal application to the MS program at