Core Ph.D. Degrees

ISyE offers two core Ph.D. degrees, one in Industrial Engineering and one in Operations Research. Most faculty in the School participate in advising students in both programs. A Ph.D. from ISyE provides students with both solid training in fundamental analytical methodology through advanced coursework and guided self-study, and also collaborative mentorship from a world-class faculty in the pursuit of cutting-edge research in industrial engineering, operations research, or statistics.

Ph.D. in Industrial Engineering

The Ph.D. in Industrial Engineering degree provides rigorous coverage of core industrial engineering and operations research methodology, with application to challenges within critical systems such as supply chains, healthcare, manufacturing, information technology, and energy.  The degree is offered in four different specializations: Supply Chain Engineering, Statistics, Economic Decision Analysis, and Systems Informatics and Control.

Ph.D. in Operations Research

Students pursuing a degree in Operations Research (OR) are exposed to a host of research activities in the School. As one would expect from a program as large as ours, the range and depth of these activities are substantial. Depending upon your taste, your background, or your career intentions, you can engage in research that spans from the most fundamental/theoretical to work that places greater emphasis on applications. No matter your inclination, as an OR student, you can generally find several faculty doing work in your chosen concentration.

Interdisciplinary Ph.D. Degrees

ISyE is a partner in four interdisciplinary Ph.D. programs, Algorithms, Combinatorics and Optimization (ACO), Bioinformatics, Computational Science and Engineering (CSE), and Machine Learning. Students in these programs with a home unit of ISyE are typically advised or co-advised in thesis research by a School faculty member. Admission to these programs is coordinated by a program committee for each, in conjunction with the ISyE Associate Chair for Graduate Studies.

Ph.D. in Algorithms, Combinatorics, and Optimization

Algorithms, Combinatorics and Optimization (ACO) is a multidisciplinary program sponsored jointly by the College of Computing, the Stewart School of Industrial and Systems Engineering, and the School of Mathematics. The ACO Program has been designed to ensure that students have a strong fundamental academic base that serves to facilitate and enhance their research options. Graduates of the Program can be found in myriad settings in both academe and industry; some have even chosen careers in finance.

Ph.D. in Bioinformatics

Bioinformatics is a multidisciplinary field in which life sciences, computer science, physical sciences, and engineering are merged to solve both fundamental and applied problems in biology and medicine.  The Bioinformatics Program at Georgia Tech is an interdisciplinary doctoral program with a participating schools and departments that include Biology, Biomedical Engineering, Chemistry and Biochemistry, Computational Sciences and Engineering (College of Computing), Industrial and Systems Engineering (College of Engineering), and Mathematics.

Ph.D. in Computational Science and Engineering

The Computational Science & Engineering (CSE) doctoral program is a joint program between the Colleges of Computing, College of Engineering, and the Science Program. The CSE degree will prepare students for a variety of positions in industry, government, and academia that emphasize research and development. Students will be well prepared for positions in industry in areas such as engineering software systems, web technologies (e.g. search or analysis of social networks), software for consumer product and drug design, to mention a few.

Ph.D. in Machine Learning

Machine learning aims to produce machines that can learn from their experiences and make predictions based on those experiences and other data they have analyzed. The Center for Machine Learning at Georgia Tech is an Interdisciplinary Research Center that is both a home for thought leaders and a training ground for the next generation of pioneers.

Prospective Students

ISyE is a natural choice to begin or enhance your career path. As the #1 ranked program of its kind, ISyE hosts a world-class faculty and unparalleled excellence and leadership in research, education, and service. A degree from ISyE is versatile, offering a wide variety of career opportunities.

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