Di (Emma) Wu

Ph.D. Student - Operations Research


 ISyE Main 436
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  • Ph.D. Operation Research (Expected 2022), Georgia Institute of Technology
  • B. Mathematics (Actuarial Science), Economics (2016), University of Minnesota - Twin Cities
  • B.S. Applied Mathematics (Financial Mathematics) (2015), Sichuan University


Di Wu earned a B.S. in financial mathematics from Sichuan University in 2015. Di Wu also earned a B.S. in mathematics with actuarial science and a B.A. in economics with a minor in finance and risk management from the University of Minnesota - Twin Cities in 2016. During her undergraduate study, she passed the Financial Mathematics exam of the Society of Actuaries, won the second place in Gross Consulting Predictive Modeling Competition and earned the distinction of the meritorious winner in the international Interdisciplinary Contents in Modeling. Graduating summa cum laude, with an outstanding graduate award in mathematics, Ms. Wu joined colleagues to create a startup high-frequency trading company in Beijing, China and later worked as a credit analyst for Australia and New Zealand Bank in Chengdu, China. Currently working on her doctoral degree in operation research at the Georgia Institute of Technology, she is conducting research pertaining to trading strategies in the energy market and mechanism design.