Starting Semester: Fall 2023
Assigned: Yes
Location: Alpharetta GA (and Virtual)

UPS Healthcare

Client Profile

UPS Healthcare delivers healthcare logistics expertise to its customers around the world. UPS Healthcare has 11+ million square feet of cGMP and GDP-compliant healthcare distribution space globally. Services include inventory management, cold chain packaging, freight forwarding, transportation management, shipping, storage and fulfillment of medical devices, and lab and clinical trial logistics.

Project Description

The objective of this project is to create a tool that will provide as a reference for UPS Networks in Healthcare. Analysis on Healthcare requirements of supply chain needs and capabilities of Healthcare Products including Cold Chain requirements. The expectation is to develop a tool (Tableau or Power BI) that can allow a UPS Engineer to identify solution alternatives and value creation for Healthcare customers across the UPS Healthcare capabilities globally. (For example a customer manufactures a certain type of Healthcare product that needs to be distributed to a destination location by a certain time, etc. ) Primary focus of this project is mapping Transportation Lanes and Service Capabilities from multiple UPS Business Units such as UPS Package and Marken. Time permitting, we can expand the scope to Logistics and Distribution, Managed Transportation, LTL, Truckload and Freight Forwarding.


Subject Skills: Network Optimization, Logistics/ Transportation Networks
Technical: Database, SQL (Microsoft Sequel Server), Visual Tools (PowerBI/Tableau)