Starting Semester: Fall 2022
Assigned: Yes
Location: Atlanta

Scientific Games

Client Profile

Scientific Games is the global leader in lottery games, sports betting and technology, and the partner of choice for government lotteries. From cutting-edge backend systems to exciting entertainment experiences and trailblazing retail and digital solutions, we elevate play every day. We push game designs to the next level and are pioneers in data analytics and iLottery.

Project Description

Two possible projects: Project 1: Project Description We are in the process of adding additional capacity to our existing operations in Alpharetta to move us from 25 billion units to 28 billion units annually. We are looking at the downtime associated with our vision systems at the back end of each of our 10 packaging lines. The vision systems are used to inventory product, but also to perform quality checks which identify defective product. These checks are performed to protect the reputations of SG and its' customers as well as avoid the potential of costly litigation. If the senior team can help us more accurately identify the reasons for line stoppage, we can make more informed decisions about acceptable risk. Furthermore, if we can accept additional risk, we can positively impact uptime resulting in an avoidance of $1.8 million dollars required to add an additional packaging line. The team would also suggest standardized line stoppage recovery procedures. Areas of focus: Packaging line uptime, Downtime categories, Line stoppage recovery efficiency Project 2: We are wanting to reduce our nitrogen usage. We utilize nitrogen to inert the curing process of our printed security coatings. Our intent is to achieve 100% curing of the coatings. A failure to fully cure the coatings results in product that will not perform for the end user, meaning a purchased ticket will be unplayable. We inject nitrogen into a curing chamber to displace oxygen (the presence of oxygen impedes curing) as the substrate containing security coatings passes through it. The relationship of nitrogen and oxygen are tracked as CFM of nitrogen being injected and the resulting PPM of oxygen remaining in the curing chamber. We have historically introduced more nitrogen than is necessary. This results in 100% cure but is very costly to the process. The senior team would compile and analyze nitrogen usage and the resulting oxygen PPM from existing data. They would then correlate that data with product samples to understand how ticket design and substrate generally affect nitrogen consumption. The short-term goal of the team would be to categorize product in such a way that nitrogen usage could be assigned in advance of product manufacturing which could save us $300K annually. The long-term goal for SG would be to automate the nitrogen usage based on these models. Areas of focus: Nitrogen consumption, PPM of oxygen, Relationship of nitrogen, PPM of oxygen and product design/substrate


Industrial engineering Data acquisition and analysis Efficiency analysis and optimization