Starting Semester: Fall 2024
Assigned: No
Location: Atlanta

Science for Georgia

Client Profile

Science for Georgia (www.scienceforgeorgia.org) is a 501(c)3 non-profit with a mission to improve communication between scientists and the public, increase public engagement with science, and advocate for the responsible use of science in public policy.

Project Description

Science for Georgia has events and programming that need to be converted into "services" that have increased awareness, visibility, and impact and reach a more diverse audience across all of Georgia. We are striving for these services to become a reliable and sustainable source of outreach and income for the organization. The project will include analyzing data from over 3-years of events, social media, and website interaction, and working with Sci4Ga staff to understand their workflows. There will be the ability to implement new ideas and "fail fast" as lessons are learned.


- analytics
- process improvement
- communication skills
- creativity and adaptability