Starting Semester: Spring 2024
Assigned: Yes
Location: Atlanta

Roadway Management Technologies, LLC

Client Profile

Roadway Management Technologies (RMT) is a company based in Little Rock, AR with offices in Atlanta dedicated to stretching out every dollar in local and state government's road maintenance budget. RMT does this by placing our proprietary sensors on city, county, or state owned vehicles and as they go about their daily drives, they passively collect real time and distributed data on the quality of the roads they drive. State of the art algorithms then transform this messy data into reliable and timely information about an agencies pavement assets. RMT's online suite of analysis tools then allow the agency to optimize where every dollar goes towards road maintenance by determining where cost saving treatments can be applied most efficiently.

Project Description

Many municipal governments implement what is known as a "worst first" methodology with regards to the roads they decide to treat or repair. More often than not, however, this approach is horrendously inefficient. As a road ages, the cost per lane mile to restore the road to top quality grows exponentially until the only option is reconstruction. Fortunately, there exists a wide variety of life extension treatments available to transportation departments such as rejuvenating fog seals or crack seals. These treatments are subject to constraints as well: most are only applicable to roads in a particular condition range and some are obviously more costly than others.

RMT is seeking a proposal to improve the pavement treatment methodology of "worst first" to a more proactive process that utilizes available treatment options to better improve lane-mile-year extension per dollar spent. This process should be mathematically generalized to handle arbitrary treatment options, as not all treatments will be available to each agency. The proposal should also identify relevant constraints in addition to things such as budget, treatment costs, and treatment applicability.

RMT will provide several sets of the following structured data (one set for each of several clients):

Standard treatments, their costs, their effects on pavement condition, and their pavement condition applicability ranges.

Road conditions, their lengths, their widths, and locations (lat/lon).

Any other raw data determined to be necessary.

The road degradation model (pavement condition vs time).

RMT will be happy to provide any additional data necessary.


Constraint Design
Statistic Analysis
Python (or other programming language)