Starting Semester: Fall 2023
Assigned: No
Location: Atlanta

Nolan Transportation Group

Client Profile

Nolan Transportation Group (NTG) is a 3rd party logistics company headquartered in Atlanta, GA. NTG brokers 4,000+ shipments per day across various modes including full truckload, LTL, final mile, and drayage. NTG offers its shipper customers access to a vast network of carriers to meet their transportation needs, while offering its carrier customers a consistent supply of product to keep their trucks moving.

Project Description

With the continuous cycle of acquiring new shipments from shipper customers and finding capacity from carrier customers, NTG’s accounting team is looking to improve internal processes to collect from shipper customers and pay carrier customers. The current processes in place for the accounting department to operate contain inefficiencies and need redesign. As the business grows, the need for optimized accounting processes becomes more and more of a necessity.

There are many areas of opportunity to provide value in analyzing the accounting process and proposing solutions. These include but are not limited to:

• Increase working capital by reducing days to collect from shipper customers

• Reduce write offs by targeting our accounting team to collect on (and advising our sales team to avoid) shipments with a high likelihood of a shipper customer neglecting to pay

• Reduce operational overhead cost by improving process efficiency


• Process improvement
• Data analysis
• Problem solving
• Optimization
• Predictive analysis