Starting Semester: Fall 2023
Assigned: Yes
Location: Atlanta


Client Profile

Founded in 1928, Genuine Parts Company is a global service organization engaged in the distribution of automotive and industrial replacement parts. In total, the company serves its global customers from an extensive network of more than 10,000 locations in 17 countries and has approximately 58,000 employees. NAPA is a subsidiary of Genuine Parts Company based in Atlanta GA. NAPA distributes automotive parts out of roughly 6000 stores in the United States alone. With a mix of independent stores 4500--to Company owned stores--1500. NAPA is approaching its 100th anniversary and for all of that history has serviced its commercial and retail customers out of each store. thus definging their trade areas as store specific.

Project Description

Today NAPA services all its commercial(delivery) business within each stores defined trade area, we consider a stores trade area a 3 mile radius around said store. While the commercial trade business represents roughly 80% of all revenues, its sales are at a lower margin than our retail business and carries its own unique set of expenses to go with that service. We plan to take over operational cost and responsibility to drive a revisioned commercial business service strategy that leverages our resources in a newly defined three store commercial trading area. Today we know our delivery fleet is parked on average 50% of the working hours of a day. Today we have a core set of inventories(consumables) placed in each store. Today we have a unique set of inventories (application specific) placed in each store. Today each store is asset upfitted to meet peak demand which drives down our active fleet times. Today we are able to leverage 3rd party crowd sourcing options(ex. Door Dash) for various commercial/retail service needs.


We look to reimagine how we service our commercial customers out of a three store sub-group here in the Atlanta Metro market while; driving down; Inventory, vehicles, delivery expense, manpower all while improving our on time percentage to our top tier(Platinum) customers. Preferred skills being; creative thinking, time studies, problem solving, data analytics, process improvement.