Starting Semester: Fall 2021
Assigned: Yes
Location: Atlanta

The Georgia Lions Lighthouse Foundation

Client Profile

GLLF is a 72-year-old nonprofit organization that works throughout the state of Georgia to connect under and uninsured individuals to high-quality vision and hearing care. With a staff of 23, the organization leverages an operating budget of $2.2 million and $21 million in assets to serve over 7,000 individuals annually. GLLF is headquartered in Chamblee, Georgia. One brick and mortar vision clinic, the L.B. Buddy and Peggy Patrick Harrell Jr. is connected to the headquarters while all other clinics and services are implemented remotely, via mobile clinics, throughout the state.

Project Description

In recent years the expenses have been going up while service numbers have been going down. We would like to fully document the current processes for a patient, from application to delivery of services, and identify efficiencies and improvements. Solutions may come through technology, clearer processes and the administration of those processes, and simplifying the overall process while maintaining compliance with federal and state law. outcomes would be: Clearly defined and documented service delivery model Adoption of technology to increase the speed and quality a patient experiences Efficiency in deploying human and non-human resources Reduced cost per patient


Process improvement, technology integration, knowledge of the nonprofit business model, data analysis, workflow improvement