Starting Semester: Fall 2024
Assigned: No
Location: Atlanta

Genuine Parts Company - NAPA Auto Parts

Client Profile

NAPA Auto Parts is a leading provider of automotive parts, accessories, and services in the US and globally. Our network comprises of 6,000+ stores offering 800k+ unique SKUs.

Project Description

NAPA Auto Parts has a network of 6,000+ stores and these stores are being serviced by 52 downstream DCs that do nightly deliveries to the stores. The Atlanta downstream DC is ~150k square feet and services approximately 200 stores in the geographical area.

The DC is a five-day a week, 1-shift operation that majorly has three different types of picks:

1. Batch & sort: Small parts are batch picked and sorted at a putwall

2. Tagout: These are similar to slapper line picks where a label is applied to a part during pick, which is placed on the conveyor to be sorted at the dock

3. Pick to Pallet: SKUs like oil, batteries are batch picked to pallet and sorted to store level at the dock

Due to the large SKU count and nightly deliveries to the stores, DCs have challenge in meeting the order fill rate goal. We are looking for a proposal that can streamline the order flow process in the building to improve:

a) Optimize the outbound dock space

b) Increase order fill rate

c) Reduce overall 'touches'


Warehouse design, data analysis, process improvement, value stream mapping, creative thinking and WMS