Starting Semester: Fall 2022
Assigned: No
Location: Metro Atlanta

Galerie Living

Client Profile

Galerie Living is a developer, owner and operator of senior living communities that include independent, assisted living and memory care. Galerie Living is headquartered in Atlanta.

Project Description

Galerie Living is interested in conducting an analysis of care delivery to their residents. Care is scheduled and delivered based on ADL's (Activities of Daily Living). Staffing is based on the number of ADL's needed during a time period and staffing ratios required by the state department of health. Residents are charged for care based on the difficulty, time to complete and number of ADL's. Galerie wants to improve efficiencies in care delivery including load balancing of staff, efficiency roadblocks, improving staff's travel paths, understanding the true burden of each ADL (average time to complete each ADL type, factors that influence time to complete, best positioning of staff, etc.). A time and motion study and an analysis report would be appropriate.


Experience or classwork on time and motion studies. Students should be comfortable interacting with staff and seniors. Taking the time to understand effective ways of interacting with individuals with dementia and understanding how it effects seniors would be helpful before the project start.