Starting Semester: Fall 2021
Assigned: Yes
Location: Atlanta

EnerVision, Inc.

Client Profile

EnerVision is an independent consulting firm located in Atlanta, Georgia that provides business, management, marketing and technical consulting services for electric utilities and other clients.

Project Description

Objective: To create an interactive planning tool (whether application, spreadsheet, or other technology like Microsoft Power Automate) for helping utilities determine the optimum road map to net zero emissions following the Greenhouse Gas (GHG) Protocols. Benefits: Having such a tool would allow us to provide a client's unique inputs for Net Zero Phases 2-3: Determining a scorecard and picking options. Each client has different situations regarding dirty resources they can get out of or not, but by making these inputs we can get a clearer picture of their available options. Since it is still early for many technologies that companies will be relying on to get to Net Zero (carbon capture, small modular nuclear, sequestering, etc.) we would also be able to shift those anticipated arrival dates and see how their carbon footprint changes accordingly. Would be able to quickly generate graphs, similar to the Southern Company graph we are familiar with.


Inputs: Would need to account for * Current carbon footprint (Scopes 1, 2, and 3) * Offset programs * Adding technologies into a portfolio o Solar o Wind o Batteries o Hydro o Nuclear/Modular Nuclear o Carbon Capture * Transitioning to electric vehicles Deliverable: I ultimately see this as something we can integrate into our Net Zero Calculator, which for right now only tackles calculating a carbon footprint. This tool provides the logic and decision points for the next steps after the carbon footprint has been calculated. It can be expanded as we need it with the inputs, technologies, and requirements that emerge in the future too.