Yao Xie has been appointed as the Coca-Cola Foundation Chair, effective May 15, 2023, recognizing her exceptional research and leadership at the intersection of statistics, optimization, and machine learning in data science.  

Praised for her applied research program and mentorship of successful doctoral students, Xie brings a wealth of expertise as a Professor and Associate Director of Machine Learning and Data Science at Georgia Tech. Her work focuses on developing efficient and powerful methods to address real-world challenges using statistical and computational techniques.  

With editorial roles in prestigious journals and previous experience as a Research Scientist at Duke University, Xie's appointment as Coca-Cola Foundation Chair highlights her outstanding contributions to the field. 

The Coca-Cola Foundation, as a leading philanthropic organization, supports local and global initiatives in areas where The Coca-Cola Company operates. With a focus on sustainable access to water, a circular economy, climate resilience, economic empowerment, and community causes, the foundation has awarded over $1.5 billion in grants worldwide.  

Yao Xie's appointment aligns with the foundation's commitment to fostering excellence and innovation. 

Yao Xie

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