In commemoration of Women's History Month, the Women in Industrial and Systems Engineering (WISyE) Committee presented the WISyE Seminar Series, a platform dedicated to spotlighting the remarkable contributions of women in industrial engineering.  

Nurturing Financial Wellness through Money Management with Meredith Moore 

Kicking off this series, Meredith C. Moore (IE ‘97), the Founder and CEO of Artisan Financial Strategies, shared her insights on creating financial power for women. Moore is celebrated for her boundless energy, insatiable curiosity, and unwavering dedication to lifelong learning. 

"I am a die-hard female founder or entrepreneur, and I started my business right after graduating from ISyE. I knew that I would be a bad employee, like I wasn't employable at 23, so I had to choose a different path." 

Throughout her career, Moore was determined to overcome industry challenges through non-traditional growth. “I knew that at 23 it was the time to begin taking risks as opposed to punching the metaphorical clock, if you will, in the W2 position, which was a very contrarian position at that time, I didn't walk into a salary.” 

Heather Rocker’s Guide to Intentional Service through Strategic Volunteering  

Heather Rocker (IE 98), CEO of Women in Technology discussed how strategic volunteering can build your skills and network.  

“Strategic volunteering aligns service with leadership and skill development, allowing you to give back to your community, expand your network, and gain recognition and measurable results."  

Rocker has earned several awards and honors including: 

With over 20 years of business and technology experience, Rocker excels in creating and launching initiatives, leading diverse teams, and maximizing resources. 

Imagineering the Future with Susan Bonds Intersection of Creative Innovation and Systems Expertise 

Susan Bonds (IE 84) is a pioneering aerospace engineer turned Disney Imagineer 

She is known for: 

Reflecting on the intersection of technology and creativity, Bonds expressed, "technology, when utilized effectively, serves as a means to an end in shaping immersive experiences. It's important to remember that while technology is a powerful tool, it should ultimately become invisible in the face of compelling and immersive experiences." 


As the inaugural WISyE Women’s History Month Seminar Series comes to a close, we celebrate the remarkable achievements of Meredith Moore, Heather Rocker, and Susan Bonds.  

Their stories inspire us to continue honoring the contributions of women in industrial and systems engineering, fostering a community of support, mentorship, and growth for future generations.  

Author: Nat M. Esparza 

Heather Rocker

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