Nat M. Esparza, a skilled wordsmith and communications officer at Georgia Tech's H. Milton Stewart School of Industrial and Systems Engineering (ISyE), offers a unique mix of creativity and reliability. This essay explores Nat's career path, endless curiosity, and her unique method of personal development and resolutions. 

Q: What is your New Year's resolution?

A: I don't have a traditional resolution, instead, I focuse on a word for the year. My 2024 words are "Embodied" and "Intentional." "Embodied" means checking in with myself more, avoiding others' expectations, staying present, and being aware. For "Intentional," it's about controlling how I live my life, staying organized, and being more productive.

Q: Is having a New Year's resolution important, and has it been a tradition for you?

A: Yes, having a New Year's resolution is important for me. Four years ago, I started the tradition of using words instead of goals. This practice allows me to have a more general focus throughout the year, as opposed to concentrating on a single area for improvement.

Q: Have you found purpose in your resolution, and has it improved your life? If so, what are some examples?

A: I have found purpose in these words, which serve as guiding principles for my life.

The overarching purpose is curiosity, driving her continuous learning and creative mind. This has helped her step out of her comfort zone and explore new areas of learning both in and outside of work.

Q: When did you realize this was your purpose?

A: I saw a significant transformation in the year 2020. I realized that pursuing a master's degree wasn't my calling. Instead, I embraced my curiosity, sparking a turning point that helped her define her mission and publish a book.

Q: What is something you would like to say about being open to growth?

A: Georgia Tech has provided me with the opportunity to grow and discover myself. Sometimes, taking a step back is not always negative; it is also a form of growth. I intentionally transitioned from a manager to a lower position, which, in my eyes, wasn't a setback but a part of my growth. 

Nat M. Esparza's journey from orchestrating communications at Kennesaw State University to her current role at ISyE, showcases her commitment to learning, creativity, and the power of words 

Through the unique tradition of choosing words of the year, Nat has found purpose and growth, embodying the spirit of curiosity that fuels her impactful communication in the field of engineering.

Author: Cristo Rey Student Assistant, Tomas Galeas Mora

Nat Esparza