Each year, in Industrial and Systems Engineering (ISyE) at Georgia Tech, the unit goes above and beyond to ignite the passion for industrial engineering among high school students. This initiative is none other than Mission Possible, a week-long summer program tailored for students incoming high school students.  

Mission Possible is a dynamic experience that not only introduces young minds to the world of industrial and systems engineering but also demonstrates its real-world applications through engaging activities such as field trips, competitive games, and enlightening lectures.  

Collaborating with the Center for Education Integrating Science, Mathematics, and Computing (CEISMC), this program aims to inspire and enrich K-12 STEM education.  

Slay Rowe (IE ‘13), Supply Chain Consultant at The Coca-Cola Company, reflecting on his involvement as a tour guide in the program, shared, "Anjana and I volunteered to meet the prospective students, help them get registered for their visit, and guide them through Coca-Cola’s campus before our presentation. It was fun showcasing the amenities on campus and the historical exhibits and displays. A highlight for me was having the students ask really engaging questions throughout the day, which was nice to see such high levels of participation and enthusiasm." 

Rowe, who changed his major to Industrial & Systems Engineering during his undergraduate years, acknowledges the immense support he received from Tech's ISyE academic advising staff. He's now paying it forward by sharing how the ISyE program has prepared him for a successful career, saying, "The wide range of courses required by the ISyE program was valuable to be successful in the internships I had as a student as well as throughout my career after graduating." 

Justin Haffad (IE ‘15), Senior Manager of Business Operations and Strategy at Warner Bros Discovery Sports, and passionate alumni tour guide highlighted the memorable moments of his experience, stating, "There were a few highlights that stood out to me. First, an Executive Producer from Inside the NBA greeted the students in one of the studios to describe his journey, his current role, and how they leverage data/research on the show. Next, it was great to showcase the various brands and content produced under the Warner Bros Discovery umbrella outside of sports." 

Haffad attributes his strong problem-solving skills and analytical foundation to his IE background, remarking, "My IE background played a big role in preparing me for my current role by providing me with strong problem-solving skills and a robust analytical foundation." 

Both Rowe and Haffad, inspired by the impact of mentorship and guidance in their own journeys, understand the importance of introducing students to diverse career prospects within the field of industrial engineering. Their willingness to volunteer and share their expertise serves as a testament to the power of paying it forward. 

Author: Nat M. Esparza

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Slay Rowe

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