A sincere thank you to all the companies and students who made "Meet the Firms" a resounding success for our Master of Analytics (MSA) program, in the Klaus Advanced Computing Building.  

This effort connects students with potential employers, fostering meaningful connections and setting the stage for future collaborations. Twenty different companies participated including Best Buy, Honeywell, Inspire Brands, Macy’s and Home Depot. 

Our students and industry partners’ enthusiasm showcase the intersection of academia and industry, a convergence that defines the spirit of Georgia Tech. 

"Meet the Firms" is more than a conventional job fair; it's a comprehensive platform where students gain insights into diverse career opportunities. With interactive networking sessions, we prepare our students for success in their chosen fields, emphasizing a unique approach that goes beyond traditional methods. 

The success of the program is rooted in Georgia Tech's robust partnerships with external companies. Beyond academic excellence, this collaboration ensures that our students are equipped to navigate the dynamic demands of the professional world. 

Author: Nat M. Esparza

Meet the Firms