The 2022 graduate program rankings have been released by U.S. News & World Report (USNWR), and for the 31st consecutive year, the H. Milton Stewart School of Industrial and Systems Engineering is in the top spot.

Georgia Tech’s College of Engineering remains at No. 8. Several programs – chemical, civil, computer, electrical, material science, and nuclear – rose in the rankings. The specifics are below.

College of Engineering: 8th→8th

  • Aerospace: 4th 4th
  • Biomedical: 2nd 2nd
  • Chemical: 5th (tied with Minnesota and UT-Austin)  4th (tied with Minnesota and Stanford)
  • Civil: 3rd (tied with Stanford) 2nd (tied with Illinois)
  • Computer: 6th 5th (tied with Carnegie Mellon and Michigan)
  • Electrical: 6th (tied with Michigan)  5th (tied with Illinois)
  • Environmental: 5th (tied with UT-Austin)  6th (tied with Virginia Tech)
  • Industrial: 1st 1st
  • Materials: 9th→ 7th
  • Mechanical: 5th (tied with Illinois and Michigan) 5th (tied with Illinois and Michigan)
  • Nuclear: 9th (tied with Penn State)  6th

The complete USNWR list of rankings and related data can be found here. The College of Engineering’s coverage is located here.

No. 1 Graduate Program for 31 Years

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