In a triumph of student excellence, a Georgia Tech ISyE Senior Design team has emerged as the champion of the Institute of Industrial and Systems Engineers (IISE) Outstanding ISE Capstone Senior Design Project competition.  

This monumental victory, achieved against stiff competition from 13 nominated teams across the United States and Canada, is a testament to the unwavering dedication and brilliance of our students. 

The esteemed IISE Honors and Awards committee, after careful evaluation, extended invitations to the top four teams, including Georgia Tech, Virginia Tech, Dalhousie, and Toronto Metro, to present their remarkable capstone project posters at a conference in the vibrant city of New Orleans.  

Following this initial stage, a select few teams were further chosen to give extended presentations in front of the esteemed committee. 

It is with great pleasure that we announce the resounding victory of the Georgia Tech Team, aptly named Chairway to Heaven, as they secured the coveted 1st place position.

Their exceptional project, titled "Data-Driven Supplier Selection for New Product Launches," showcased their unparalleled ingenuity and problem-solving prowess for their client Steelcase.  

The team members, Isaac Altman, Jinghan Chen, Margaret Fowler, Maxim Geller, Aila Khan, Madeleine Pollack, Justin Rickerson, and Kota Teasley, brought their collective brilliance to the forefront, leaving no doubt about their deservingness of this prestigious accolade. 

The outstanding success of our students reflects their determination and commitment to excellence that Georgia Tech upholds. 

It is a testament to the exceptional quality of work our students consistently produce, the strength of our curriculum, and the high standards we set for ourselves for our future leaders.  

An extended congratulations to our esteemed faculty advisor, Dr. Xin Chen. 

Author: Camille C. Henriquez

ISyE Senior Design Team