Georgia Tech’s Stewart School of Industrial & Systems Engineering (ISyE) and the Supply Chain & Logistics Institute (SCL) are proud to announce that the first four students have been selected as Amazon Master of Science in Supply Chain Engineering Supply Chain Systems Design Track Fellows. The awarded fellowships are for the amount of $12,000 each. The four students are Gil Malengreaux, Angela Moore, Kiara Moore, and Krithika Srinivasan. In addition to the fellowship, the students receive priority for paid summer internships.

Preference for the fellowships is given to students choosing the new Systems Design track, which incorporates two courses from mechanical engineering – robotics and mechatronics, in addition to a new ISyE course on supply chain systems design. The purpose of the track is to prepare students for roles in supply chain facilities’ engineering and design, as well as a broader range of supply chain systems design roles.

Priority is also given to underrepresented minorities and female students. Amazon is supporting ISyE and the SCL to reach out to students in transfer programs with historically black colleges and universities (HBCUs) or schools that are otherwise are majority minority.

About the Fellowship Recipients

Gil Malengreaux, who hails from Belgium, did both his undergraduate – in electromechanical engineering – and master’s work – in industrial engineering and operations research (IEOR) – at Ghent University. He is in ISyE’s in the Master of Supply Chain Engineering (MS SCE) program on a Fulbright scholarship to the U.S.

Malengreaux said that he chose the supply chain engineering program because ISyE has one of the top programs internationally. “With a generic, broad master’s degree in IEOR, I wanted to learn how I can apply these techniques within a supply chain setting,” he explained. “My IEOR background provides me a multidisciplinary view on businesses and industry, but I believe that there’s so much exciting innovation in the world of logistics and fulfilment, that highly specialized profiles are indispensable to optimize these systems, and make them more efficient, durable, and sustainable. The sustainability aspect is what really interests me.”

Angela Moore completed her bachelor’s degree in industrial engineering from Northeastern University in Boston, MA.

“I'm fascinated by the interconnectivity of complex systems within the global supply chain,” Moore said. “From my experience in production, inventory management, system implementation, and procurement, I've seen how a small decision in one department can have a large impact on the entire system. I'd like to use my industry experience with the supply chain engineering curriculum to help strategically plan out future supply chain systems.

“When I graduate from the MS SCE program, I want design innovative supply chain systems that reduce waste while being agile and responsive. I'd like to work with a group of people that are interested in challenging current processes.”

Kiara Moore received her bachelor’s degree in computer science with a mathematics minor from Atlanta, GA’s Spelman College. Spelman is an all-women’s college and the No. 1-ranked HBCU.

She selected Georgia Tech for her master’s degree because “it has been a dream school for me. Georgia Tech is known for educating some of the top professionals in the industry. Not only is Tech ranked highly for engineering, ISyE is the No. 1 school in its field.

“Further,” she noted, “ISyE offers programs that partner with different companies to provide real-world experience. Without hesitation I knew Tech and ISyE would be the best choice for me.”

Following this dream education experience, Moore’s dream job will be working on the business side of supply chain engineering.

Krithika Srinivasan comes to ISyE from India, where she received her undergraduate degree in mechanical engineering from Vellore Institute of Technology (VIT). Srinivasan said that “VIT is known worldwide for its cosmopolitan atmosphere and its beautiful campus. I enjoyed my four years there, where I made the best of friends and worked with some of the best faculty.

“I believe supply chain engineering plays an important role in any industry, as it involves optimization of processes, customer satisfaction, and employee welfare,” she explained. “It is central to the holistic development of a company, as well as the idea that a small, seemingly insignificant change can change the fortunes of a company. Also, any supply chain connects people around the world, giving it a global reach that enriches numerous cultures.”

Her dream job, she says, “is one that would let me be creative and provide solutions to problems that would result in the satisfaction of the end user. Supply chain engineering brings together my passion for engineering as well as my problem solving skills, and I hope to help as many people as I can.”

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