Born in Upstate New York, Hannah Ulrich moved south to pursue her academic aspirations at Berry College, where she obtained a Bachelor of Arts in International Studies in 2015. Before working at the Georgia Institute of Technology, she gained various experiences in gardening, service and hospitality. This mix of different roles has shaped her for her current position at Georgia Tech.

Ulrich, currently working as an Administrative Professional Sr. in the H. Milton Stewart School for Industrial and Systems Engineering (ISyE) at Georgia Tech (ISyE), brings a diverse background and a wealth of experiences to her role.

Q: Could you please share some background information about yourself, such as where you’re from, your academic pursuits and prior work experiences?   

A: I am from upstate New York. I moved down south to pursue my academics at Berry College obtaining a Bachelor of Arts in International Studies in 2015.

Q: As an Administrative Professional Sr. at ISyE, how has your job helped you in growing your network and connecting with people on campus? 

A: Networking has never been my strong suit however I still try to maintain connections with colleagues from my previous workplace. Realizing the importance of keeping the connections strong although my role does directly give opportunities, I am still open to building new connections within the ISyE community.

Q: Are there any resources or programs you’re maximizing while in ISyE/Georgia Tech? Are you taking advantage of the TAP program at Georgia Tech? 

A: Yes, I am currently participating in the TAP program, and I am talking courses at Georgia State University towards a Bachelor of Arts in Art, with a concentration in Studio Art from the Ernest G. Welch School of Art & Design. Balancing the work and commitment of attending the courses can be a struggle, but the opportunities offered by the TAP program are very valuable. 

(Note: TAP is the Tuition Assistance Program (TAP) provides a tuition waiver to full-time (1.0 FTE) benefits-eligible employees who have maintained this status for at least six months within the University of System of Georgia.)

Q: Through the TAP program – you are currently in an art program at Georgia Tech. How have your art skills helped you in contributing to ISyE and the Georgia Tech community? 

A: My primary focus is not simply focused on my artistic skills, there are certain instances where my creative mind is needed such as creating a flyer or a bulletin board. I have found opportunities to display my skills that have tied into the work I do here at ISyE. While these contributions may not be major, they add to the creativity of the Georgia Tech community.

Q: As someone who is active in gardening, what are your thoughts on the campus landscape? 

A: The campus landscape is something I enjoy very much especially since I find peace in gardening. Although I love the scenery and the amount of green space, the constant work of construction can be disruptive and take away from the landscape. Nevertheless, having this much green space while in the city is a compliment that I cherish as it is a way I can reconnect with my gardening life.

Q: Do you have any goals or ideas you’d like to share for the future? Final thoughts? 

A: In conclusion, my aspirations revolve around flexibility and creativity. I envision a future where I can balance my passion for traveling with a career that allows me the freedom to explore new places. While art is a significant part of my life, I'm open to the idea of pursuing it alongside other interests rather than committing to it full-time. Looking ahead, the thought of living in Italy ignites my curiosity, and I'm eager to see where this journey takes me. 

Author: Tomas Galeas Mora

Hannah Ulrich, Administrative Professional Sr.