Winds of change are sweeping through the Institute of Industrial and Systems Engineers (IISE) at Georgia Tech as it eagerly anticipates the leadership of its newly elected president, third year, Mitali Bidkar.   

With a steadfast commitment to student development, industry collaboration, and innovative events, the IISE chapter is poised to build upon its successes and usher in a year of fresh ideas to engage its ever-growing community.

"A lot of people don’t even know what industrial engineering is, so joining the club can give a lot of great insight into the field." She also acknowledges the increased responsibility in her new role, noting, "I may not know the answer to every question posed to me, but it is my job to figure out the next steps when they arise." 

Under Mitali's leadership, the organization is structured with three vice presidents: Internal/External Affairs, Professional Development, and Student Development. 

  • The Internal/External Affairs team focuses on outreach to partners for collaborative projects, philanthropy, and marketing.  

  • The Professional Development team encompasses info sessions, career fairs, and two directors overseeing various aspects.  

  • The Student Development team works to tailor experiences like social outings and workshops for each student's growth. 

Third year, Ridha Sohani, leading Student Development, reflects on the challenges and opportunities of her position, stating, "I think what makes ISyE so unique is that it is a blend of soft skills and hard skills."  

Sohani adds, "The transition has been challenging because we had a lot of our senior members graduate and a lot of fresh faces join, but that also means we have a lot of new ideas to help shape the future of the organization." 

As the IISE Georgia Tech Chapter welcomes President Bidkar, the organization stands at the cusp of exciting developments. With a blend of experienced leaders and fresh faces, the chapter is poised to shape the future of industrial and systems engineering through innovative events, community engagement, and a commitment to both professional and personal development.  

The upcoming year promises to be a transformative journey, and the IISE community eagerly anticipates the positive impact that these new ideas will have on the organization.  

By Nat Esparza 

Mitali Bidkar


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IISE 2024

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