Yesh Ashok Shah (MSSCE ’22), a graduate of the MS in Supply Chain Engineering (MSSCE) program at the H. Milton Stewart School of Industrial and Systems Engineering (ISyE), reflects on his journey from the academic corridors to the vibrant realm of professional life.  

In sharing his perspective, he seeks to guide recent graduates on the realities of experiencing their first job postgraduation.  

Originating from India, Shah embarked on his academic journey in Mechanical Engineering at the Vellore Institute of Technology. After dedicating four and a half years to honing his skills in Supply Chain and Network Design he made a strategic decision to further his expertise by pursuing a master’s degree from Georgia Tech. 

Following graduation, Shah embarked on a career at Amazon, where he is currently flourishing as an Innovation and Design Engineer.  

His journey at Amazon began with an internship through the SCL Amazon Scholars Program, a pivotal experience that laid the groundwork for his transition to a full-time role.  

Shah offers the following tips, tricks and insights on how recent graduates can make the most out of their first job: 

  • Take full advantage of company-provided resources for continuous skill enhancement, such as free online certifications and training 
  • Seize every chance to network within and beyond one's industry, one can never know which of these connections might offer assistance in the future 

When prompted for insights into prudent financial strategies, Shah recommends: 

Finally, when inquired about her networking strategies, Shah suggests: 

  • Apart from the career fairs, students should take advantage of the various ISyE internal and affiliated chapters, they can connect you with working professionals who are able to guide you on your career path or refer you for future opportunities 
  • Try finding conferences near you, these are the best networking opportunities where you are likely to be able to have conversations with well positioned leadership from multiple companies 
  • While networking, keep the conversation light and include mix of both technical and non-technical topics 


Author: Atharva A. Dave

Yesh Shah