McCamish Pavilion housed 129 innovative engineering projects during the Fall Senior Design Expo that captivated a bustling crowd of students, faculty, staff, parents and judges 

In this buzzing atmosphere there were three standout ISyE teams, showcasing their innovative solutions and problem-solving expertise. From enhancing Coca-Cola's chilled juice network to tackling sustainability in dining and reshaping critical systems for social impact, these teams left a lasting impression. 

Best ISyE Team: Simply Chill, Coca-Cola Chilled Warehousing  

Celebrating the standout achievements at Georgia Tech's Senior Design Expo, one team, in particular, takes the spotlight in the Industrial and Systems Engineering (ISyE) category.  

Team #9, known as "Simply Chill," took on the challenge of enhancing operational fluidity within the Coca-Cola North America Operating Unit’s chilled warehousing. Team members, including Caleb Becker, Ariana Garbers, Rakshanda Khan, Pablo Martin Jimenez, Tram Anh Nguyen, Thao Phan, Thi Tran, and Rachel Wewengkang, collaborated under the expert guidance of their faculty advisor, Dr. Alejandro Toriello. Their objective was to dismantle logistical bottlenecks and propose effective solutions. 

I’ve been interested in improving systems since I was in high school, so working on this project really gave me and the rest of my team hands on experience on how to analyze data to make important operations decisions,” said Becker (ISyE ‘23). 

Coca-Cola's exponential growth and pervasive influence in pop culture present a dynamic landscape that demands constant innovation and strategic systems management. Simply Chill’s approach involved implementing safety stock pooling strategies and optimizing transportation assignments. The result? A projected 56% decrease in safety stock quantity, leading to a 14% reduction in inventory costs.  

Furthermore, potential savings of 7.6% in transportation costs showcased the team's impact on operational efficiency. 

In a world that requires seamless systems, Simply Chill’s triumph wasn't just a win for Coca-Cola but stood as a testament to ISyE's capacity to engineer solutions that resonate far beyond the expo floor. Their project aims to help Coca-Cola continue to grow and evolve its logistical backbone so it can remain as robust and iconic as the beverages it delivers to millions worldwide. 

Honorable Mentions 

Buzzin’ Dumpster Divers and Mediflow earned honorable mentions for their contributions to ISyE innovation.  

Buzzin’ Dumpster Divers aimed to help Georgia Tech Dining reduce its landfill diversion rate and bring it closer to Georgia Tech’s 2050 Zero Waste goal, while Mediflow worked with UPS Healthcare to build a business intelligence tool to quickly map feasible routes for the transport of shipments. 

Their projects reflected a blend of analytical thinking, strategic planning, and a commitment to making a positive impact on the world. 

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Author: Nat M. Esparza

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