Beyond the conventional "green" ethos, Georgia Tech embraces a collective responsibility to champion choices that prioritize the health, security, and well-being of both present and future society  

This commitment is deeply ingrained in the institution's DNA, progressively integrating academic excellence, groundbreaking research, and sustainable campus operations to chart a course towards a future defined by sustainability. 

In the H. Milton Stewart School of Industrial and Systems Engineering (ISyE), some of our students, faculty and alumni foster a greener future by refining systems and processes for enhanced environmental impact. 

Dr. Constance Crozier, Assistant Professor at ISyE, conducts research that delves into the intricate balance needed for transitioning both electricity and transport networks toward sustainability.  

"My research aims to accomplish two things: understanding the impact of significant changes to electricity usage and identifying mechanisms for improvement; and developing better methods for operating electricity systems, optimizing the use of renewable resources." 

Dr. Crozier's decision to join ISyE stems from a passion for tackling large-scale challenges.  

The department's diverse faculty, spanning theoretical to applied expertise, grants her the freedom to explore and adapt to the evolving global energy and policy landscape. 

Electric vehicles stand out as a beacon for sustainable transportation in Dr. Crozier's expertise. Yet, the intermittent nature of renewable energy adds complexity to achieving a reliable electric grid, prompting her to explore innovative solutions. 

"Unlike other energy sources, electricity offers a clear path to decarbonization, making electrified transport an increasingly popular sustainable alternative." 

Navigating the challenges and opportunities presented by electrified devices, Dr. Crozier envisions a future where real-time coordination of consumer devices could revolutionize control mechanisms, offering a significant impact on sustainability. 

Looking forward, Dr. Crozier expressed a keen interest in the modernization and automation of power system operation, exploring the role of machine learning-accelerated optimization.  

As an actively recruiting faculty member, Dr. Crozier welcomes engagement and collaboration. You can reach out to her at, and she encourages prospective PhD students to join her in shaping the future of sustainable power systems. 

Author: Nat M. Esparza 

Dr. Crozier