How do I obtain a permit for a non-ISyE course?

ISyE personnel cannot grant permits for non-ISyE courses; each Georgia Tech School controls permits and waitlists for its courses.  Please see the Departmental Contact list from the Registrar's Registration website:   

How do I obtain a permit to register for Special Problems?

See the ISyE Graduate Student Handbook for the process regarding Special Problems and Research Courses.

Note: Registration for ISyE 8900 and 8901 is by permit only. Students must submit a request form no later than Wednesday of the final week of course registration.

Permit requests are approved first by the faculty advisor/instructor, and second by the Director. Once the request is approved by both parties, a permit will be issued.

Letter-graded course requests are limited to 3 credit-hours, and must include a course syllabus and a document describing the course grading procedure.

How does Cross-Registration work?

The application for students interested in cross-registration can be found here:  Graduate students should obtain prior approval from their faculty program advisor to ensure the cross-registration course will count toward their degree. 

Please note there is a separate cover sheet required for Emory cross-registration (  

I am trying to register, but keep seeing a Major Restriction error. How do I get a permit?

We do not grant permits to non-ISyE MS majors.  Major restrictions will lift the last Wednesday of Phase II registration.  If a course is full, please add to the waitlist.

Moreover, students should review OSCAR's Schedule of Classes for any course restrictions/comments.


What is your policy on overloads?

We do not overload.  If a course is full, please add to the waitlist. Degree candidates and Senior PhD students are given priority on the waitlist.