Starting Semester: Fall 2024
Assigned: No
Location: Atlanta

SCP Health

Client Profile

SCP Health is a clinical services provider for emergency medicine, hospital medicine and critical care, we partner with health systems to deliver high-quality, cost-effective patient care

aligned with clients’ strategic goals. With corporate offices in Atlanta, GA, SCP Health has the privilege of serving patients through our hospital and health systems relationships in 32 states. For 2024, we have set our sights on new goals: Clinical and Service Quality, Growth, Financial Sustainability and Talent. We remain one of the strongest companies in our sector and will continue to look for opportunities for growth and development in our space.

Project Description

The Staffing Operations functions are a critical foundation to deliver exceptional patient care. It encompasses Recruiting, Credentialing and Scheduling across 500+ practices nationwide, managing a network of 7000+ clinicians and scheduling over 450,000 shifts annually. With our current growth trajectory doubling, we are looking for a proposal to help optimize our processes and systems for scalability.

With a focus on process improvement and technology solutions, the results of this project will have direct impact in driving productivity in a $1B+ annual clinical compensation spend and contribute to the following operational deliverables for 2024:

• Improving Recruiting performance to 90% with time to fill < 90 days

• Reducing Credentialing cycle time by 10%

• Improving Scheduling readiness to 80%, 60 days in advance

• Reducing Staffing Cost per Hour by 12%


Process improvement, Lean/Six Sigma, technology integration, capacity management, customer service enhancement, flow management, process design/redesign, workforce scheduling, financial management