Starting Semester: Spring 2024
Assigned: Yes
Location: Warsaw

Safe-Way Garage Door

Client Profile

Safe-Way Door, located in Indiana, is a quickly growing competitor in the garage door industry, looking for opportunities to further our success through a focus on innovation. Our business thrives upon creating industry leading processes and results. We’re growing, we’re motivated, and our objective is to be the best in our industry. In joining our Safe-Way Door team, the unique ability to connect diversity in opinions with real-time development, offers you the chance to make a real and lasting difference.

Project Description

Safe-Way currently has 8 distribution centers across the US to fulfill customer demand in nearly every state. While the garage doors are made through a Make-To-Order (MTO) process, Safe-Way also holds several stock items that need to be held in inventory at each warehouse. We are looking for a team to help us evaluate the feasibility of each warehouse, which SKUs should be held in inventory, and how to best distribute all inventory in the most effective way between all its customers throughout the US. Through a unique business model that has both Make-To-Order (MTO) and Make-To-Stock (MTS) products going to the same customers, this project will challenge students to think differently and solve a problem that can have a large positive impact on the business and its long-term success.


Data analytics (in Power BI and Excel), statistical modeling, inventory management, network optimization, operations research, and transportation flows