Starting Semester: Fall 2023
Assigned: Yes
Location: Atlanta


Client Profile

Incubated inside the world’s top venture program for cybersecurity and founded by alumni of the Israel Defense Forces’ elite Intelligence Technology unit, IRONSCALES offers security professionals and end users an AI-driven, self-learning email security platform that provides a comprehensive solution to stop tomorrow’s phishing attacks today.

Using our decentralized , crowd sourced network, our platform helps companies prevent, detect and remediate phishing attacks in a matter of seconds, not hours or days. We give organizations of all sizes complete anti-phishing protection against any type of phishing attack, right now.

Project Description

IRONSCALES is the fastest growing email security company in the world. Given IRONSCALES has grown so quickly (from 30 employees to 150 employees over the past 2.5 years), IRONSCALES has had little focus on process improvement and efficiency within our customer support department.

For this project, IRONSCALES is interested in a team of senior design students to help IRONSCALES mature our customer support process to handle customer support requests. The goal is to reduce the overall time it takes to solve technical support tickets, which includes a more efficient process for team members to pick tickets, reduce time to solve tickets, potentially work on more tickets in parallel (increase capacity). IRONSCALES also implores a customer facing knowledge base, so it is also in scope to reduce the human interaction in an attempt to deflect support tickets. A faster, more customer tailored experience will result in a better experience for our customers (more accurate information delivered in a more tailored, accurate fashion) and will reduce costs to IRONSCALES (less human engagement, so savings time = saving money). Given the introduction of conversational/generative AI, there could be ways to reduce the amount of time it takes for engineers to work on tickets. The possibilities are many in order to save time and money, while also maintain/improving the customer experience.

IRONSCALES will be able to provide data for the size and cost of the team, the total number of support tickets received in a day, week, month, the typical hours and shifts worked by the team, as well as the average time it takes to resolve certain types of tickets. You will be working with our Customer operations team to engineer a new and more efficient way for the team to work.


Ability to understand desired business outcomes
Functional and technical acumen
Problem solving skills, determination
familiarity with process improvement methodologies
Ability to parse/sort data, likely Excel, in order to prove/forecast time savings and proof of results
Ability to research/collaborate for best way to solve problems
Helpful but not required: ability to write code/script/macros to leverage available technologies that would reduce time to resolve customer cases