Starting Semester: Spring 2024
Assigned: Yes
Location: Atlanta

Honeywell International

Client Profile

Honeywell is in the business of changing how the world works. We work on cultivating a culture of creativity, speed, and agility every day so we can meet all challenges head-on. Honeywell has businesses across Aerospace, Building Technologies, Performance Materials & Technologies, and Safety Products and Solutions.

Project Description

Redesign a business model and process to shift from a large transaction to a small transaction run rate business in the opportunity to cash process. Understand how organizational design, key constraints, process design and risk management play roles in operational speed and decision making. This project takes an industrial engineer's thought processes on how to best design a manufacturing floor for speed, quality control and output and applies that thought process to a business model/organization.

This project will challenge any class in how to develop a process that optimizes human to machine interaction while balancing / considering risk.

The students would be paired with a former Georgia Tech Industrial Engineering graduate who also worked on his Senior Design project with Honeywell.


Industrial engineering
Software / coding
Organizational / design model
Process expertise