Starting Semester: Fall 2024
Assigned: No
Location: Atlanta

HD Supply

Client Profile

HD Supply has more than 40 years of experience supporting our customers with leadership positions in maintenance, repair, and operations (MRO). With 40+ distribution centers spread across 25 states, HD Supply provides an expansive offe+ring of high-quality, name-brand, and proprietary products.

Project Description

HD Supply recognizes the importance of optimizing supply chain costs in today's cost-conscious environment. The lead time analysis project aims to forecast lead times, analyze associated costs, and optimize supply chain activities to maximize efficiency and cost-effectiveness.

The lead time analysis project aims to optimize business operations by providing accurate lead time forecasts and cost analyses. By leveraging lead time forecast and lead time analysis, the project intends to help IPR team to optimize product order cadence, thereby enabling more efficient inventory management and cost-effective decision-making. Additionally, it seeks to enhance operational efficiency for the Origin team by identifying faster routes through our 3rd party logistics provider based on lead time considerations, while also evaluating ocean carrier performance using blended proforma transit times. The destination team will benefit from reduced operational costs through lead time forecast-driven strategic decision-making, including transload, bobtail, reroute, and allocation optimizations. Furthermore, the project aims to support DC (distribution center) teams in labor force planning and inventory management, ultimately improving inventory levels and space utilization. Ultimately, accurate lead time analysis will enable businesses to offer more reliable delivery estimates to customers, enhancing overall customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Throughout the project duration, the project team will analyze the historical and real-time lead time and create the lead time visualizations. The team will also conduct the analysis to forecast lead times, and the development of strategic decision-making models. This model should leverage the forecasted lead time data, ocean carrier contract, and cost analyses. The project's goals include the visualization of real-time lead time analysis, lead time forecasting encompassing expected delivery dates, idle days at DCs, demurrage, and detention days, and the implementation of decision-making models for routing and operations. The team will make recommendations on ordering cadence and labor force planning in DC. This project allows the team to utilize container data analytics for real-world improvements, benefiting HD Supply customers statewide.


Data analysis
Time studies
Optimization / Process improvement
Strong Communication skills
Team players
Inquisitive personality / self-starter
Problem solving through partnership with others