Starting Semester: Fall 2021
Assigned: No
Location: Atlanta

Georgia Tech Administrative Excellence (AdminX)

Client Profile

Administrative Excellence (AdminX) is a multi-year, Institute-wide initiative focused on creating positive experiences for our faculty, staff, and student employees in completing routine administrative activities through more effective and efficient administrative structures, processes, and systems. AdminX strives to achieve efficient and effective processes, enhanced customer service, and a culture of continuous assessment and improvement. We are seeking a student team to consider the design of the Administrative Support Center (ASC), a centralized customer support apparatus at Georgia Tech that will support the future of work. The ASC will focus on administrative transactions such as: Human Resources, Finance, and Information Technology. The scope of support will likely scale up into different domains in the future. The future of work is imagined to include more flexibility for telecommuting/teleworking, geographic diversity and operational hours that go beyond the local time zone and standard work week. How can the ASC leverage novel processes and technology to best support the workforce? What is the optimal physical footprint of the ASC (if any) to support both remote and local staff?

Project Description

We are seeking to engage an ISyE Senior Design team to explore ways to incorporate intelligent automation and artificial intelligence (AI) into the student hiring process with the goal to speed up processing times, reduce manual rekeying of data, and enhance the end-user experience. We plan to use what we learn from the student hiring process to automate aspects of other administrative processes that will be part of the AdminX initiative. It can take weeks to hire a student in the current process and while we are piloting a future state process that has significantly improved turn-around times, we are still falling short of the 4-day hiring goal desired by stakeholders. How can we use intelligent automation and artificial intelligence to further reduce the amount of time it takes to hire students? How do we also use this technology to improve the experience of student employees and make it easier for the staff who support the hiring process? How do we model the time savings that can be realized by adding automation and AI at different points of this and other administrative processes?


process improvement, work flows, time studies, data analysis, problem solving, creative thinking, robotics/AI