Starting Semester: Spring 2024
Assigned: No
Location: Atlanta

Georgia Tech

Client Profile

Infrastructure and Sustainability (formerly Facilities Management) is comprised of more than 600 dedicated professionals within 15 departments who support operational excellence via a framework of services for the Georgia Tech campus.

The campus built environment is continuously evolving and adapting to support and celebrate learning and research while simultaneously addressing sustainability, resiliency, and justice.

Project Description

Georgia Tech is seeking a dynamic and innovative Industrial and Systems Engineering (ISyE) capstone project team to undertake a warehouse optimization initiative. The primary goal of this project is to strategically optimize the storage and logistics processes across several warehouses, encompassing on-campus, near-campus, and off-campus locations. The project aims to enhance cost-effectiveness, streamline transportation efficiency, and implement appropriate inventory management techniques.

The ISyE team will be tasked with developing a comprehensive solution that addresses the multifaceted challenges of optimizing warehouse operations. By analyzing the material flow, turnover rates, and historical usage patterns, the team will determine the optimal allocation of items based on their usage frequency. For example, higher turnover items could be strategically placed in warehouses closer to campus to reduce logistics costs, while lower turnover items can be stored in more cost-effective off-campus locations. Additionally, the team will devise management strategies for various item categories, such as utility components, historical artifacts, event materials, and EH&S managed items. The project's ultimate deliverable will be a data-driven, actionable plan that maximizes storage efficiency, minimizes logistics expenses, and aligns with Georgia Tech's commitment to sustainable resource management. This undertaking offers a unique opportunity for the ISyE team to contribute to the university's operational excellence while gaining valuable hands-on experience in real-world warehouse optimization challenges.


Understanding of logistics. warehousing, and cost management.